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What if.. (4)

7 years ago.. London
Hind woke up with a start. The door bell was ringing incessantly.
"Men beyeeny mn il9eb7" thought Hind as she got up from her bed, she walked out to the corridor and looked through the screen showing the building's entrance,
"oh it's Maha" she buzzed her in and went to get changed leaving the flat door open. Maha walked in carrying a paper bag and 2 coffees.
"Good morning ya 7ilwa"
"Ay good morning Mahooy.. I've been calling Sul6an for the past week o ma ga3ed yred 3alay.. wallah I'm so worried I can't sleep ya3ny ma 9arat halfight.. it wasn't even a fight it was just me being silly"
"Sit down Hindo" said Maha.
"Shfeech 5ara3teeny? Feekum shay? Your family are all ok?"
"Eee ma feena shay, just sit down have something to eat.."
"La mashtehy I'll just have the coffee.. so tell me sh9ayer?"
"Well.. I dont know how to say this to you.. but Sul6an called me yesterday and.."
"He called you? Why would he call you? Is he ok? Why isn't he returning my calls? Akeed feh shay.. I thought so uhwa.."
"Hind calm down 5aleeny a5ale9 kalamy"
"Sul6an called me last night to ask me to tell you to stop calling him"
"You're LYING" she screamed
"Hind calm down 7abeebty" she said as she tried to hug her friend, "calm down 7abeebty you know I'd never lie to you" Hind was sobbing into her friend's neck and Maha couldn't stop her tears from falling on to her friend's head.
"Shhhhh 7abeebty it's ok.. it's ok.. ma yestahal kel hatha"
"But... but.." said Hind between her sobs, "but he promised.." she stopped while gasping for air, "he said.. he said.. he'll come see me.. he was packing that day.." Hind covered her face with her hands and kept sobbing, "I booked his hotel, he booked the tickets he was flying all the way from New York.. what happened? Why? and why didn't HE tell me? I can't believe this"
"He said he can't explain and that it was a family thing, basically it's not you it's him"
"Bas..? As simple as that? All his promises are gone? How can he do this Maha? He can't, I can't, I can't be without him..he's my everything"
"Wallah inah ma yestahlek"
"You don't understand.. you don't.. he's.. I can't.. I can't be.. he.. I saw a life with him.. I didn't hope.. I didn't imagine.. I SAW it.. and he knows.. he knows.."
"Shhhh 7abeebty it's ok.. it's ok.."
Hind sank into the sofa and kept staring blankly at her friend, the coffee getting cold in front of her.
A year ago she met Sul6an, it was their first month in London, Hind and Sara were feeling homesick and depressed, and wherever they'd go he would be there, his face lit up whenever he saw her. After one month of seeing her everywhere he finally came up to her and introduced himself. She was sitting with Sara in Starbucks on High Street Ken with their laptops and big mugs of hot chocolate.
"Hi, my name is Sultan, I'm from Dubai" she looked up from her laptop and raised one eyebrow,
"And you're telling me this because..?"
"Haha" he laughed nervously, "Ok umm.. you look Arabic and so am I.. umm.. since we're both in London I thought it would be nice to talk to someone in Arabic.. for a change.."
"I don't see you introducing yourself to that Egyptian gentleman over there? He's Arabic too believe it or not" she said sarcastically.
"Umm.. ok.. yes you have a point.. sorry for bothering you"
Hind just looked at him then turned to her laptop screen as a signal that the conversation has ended.
"Hahahahahahah Hanood that was so funny! I can't believe you did that to the poor guy!" said Sara as she watched Sultan walking back to his seat.
"5aywaly.. yay yesta3be6 3alay.. you look Arabic ygool.. i7lef bas?!"
"Shut up I'm gonna go invite him for coffee"
"Sarooooo!! ma teste7een?!!"
"La ma aste7y" she said as she got up sticking her tongue out at Hind.
Hind looked at her friend over her shoulder, watching how easily Sara introduced herself and started chatting with the guy.
"He's not bad looking actually" thought Hind, "Well too skinny for my taste, but tall and his face was hmm.. well intersting"
After that day Sultan became part of the girls' group and slowly Hind and Sultan became inseparable, he was the person that completed her.. he was her soulmate.