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Hello, My name is.. (18)

Dear Diary,
Today was horrible. I had my first fight with Ahmed, he yelled at me and screamed at me, well first he was cold and he ignored me, then he yelled at me, and to be honest I don't know what was worse.
Ok so let me explain how it happened. We met after class and took a cab to uni, he was so cute with me, I was wearing the bracelet he got me and everything was perfect. We were going to Harrods for lunch in the pizzeria and he joked about the noises my stomache was making, ya3ny basically everything was fine; until we got there. We reached Harrod's and walked through to the food hall,
"Oh Noora I see my friend over there, 5aleeny baro7 asalem 3alaih" he said, walking through the crowds, I couldn't see who he was heading towards but I was distracted by all the chocolate on display, plus why would I care who his friend was anyway right?
Wrong, very wrong! I heard him calling my name, so I walked towards him with a grin on my face, he was facing me and his friend had his back to me, I frowned as I thought that those broad shoulders looked familiar, and the frown turned into complete and utter shock when his friend turned around. Let me correct that, S3ood turned around. I felt that my feet were stuck to the ground, they wouldn't budge an inch, Ahmed was looking at me, wondering why I stood a couple of feet away from them, so he walked to me and grabbed me towards his "friend" who had the most devestatingly gorgeous smirk on his face.
"S3ood, this is my friend Noora, Noora this is S3ood"
"So, we meet again. But I thought you're name was Noor?" said S3ood with that killer eyebrow lift,
"Um.. yeah, but um.. Ahmed likes to..e7m.. call me Noora" I stuttered, my eyes on Ahmed taking in his shocked expression.
"You've met before?" he said looking at me with his jaws clenched.
"Um.. yeah, um the girls and I met S3ood a couple of days ago"
"And how come you never mentioned it?"
"I.. umm.. I.." shit shit shit. I looked at S3ood for help, he was just staring at me, his arms folded across his broad chest, clearly amused by this conversation.
"It probably slipped her mind ya bo Sh'hab, anyway it was great seeing you and I'll see you this weekend right?" he said talking to Ahmed, but his beautiful eyes on me. Ya Allaaaah.
"Yeah yeah sure" answered Ahmed, also looking at me. Why are they both looking at me? I feel like a lamb trapped between two lions.
"It was nice meeting you again.. Noora" said S3ood as he walked away smiling.
Suddenly I felt a chill and I no longer felt hungry. I put my hand on Ahmed's arm but he pulled away from me.
"Let's go have lunch. You're hungry" it was so abrupt, so dry, so not Ahmed. I didn't know what to do so I just followed him quietly. We were seated quickly on the bar and they handed over the menues to us, we placed the order and sat quietly waiting for our pizzas. I sat staring at him, willing him to look at me, to say something, but I knew he wouldn't. I could sense his anger from the way his jaws were clenched, so I put my hand on his arm again and saw him flinch.
"Ahmed, please look at me"
"Please.." I said feeling my eyes starting to fill with tears.
"Why the hell are you crying now?" he said when he finally looked at me.
"I'm not crying" I whispered, trying to wipe the tears before they fell on my cheeks.
"You know what, I'm suddenly not hungry at all, so I'll go home and you enjoy your pizza" he said getting up from the stool, and throwing a £50 note on the bar.
"Ahmed please" I said quickly getting up, grabbing my bag and running behind him, "please let me talk to you"
He was walking so quickly, he was already half way down Walton St. when I reached him.
"Ahmed let me explain"
"Ok, explain." he said coldly, facing me with his arms folded. He looked so distant, "How did you meet him?"
"Umm.. we saw him shopping and.. umm.."
"Yeah? le7agkum? That's weird that's not his style, but that's the only explaination I can think of! What the hell Noor!!! I trusted you!!!"
"No it's not that Ahmed, please" I said, my tears now drowning my face,
"What? If it wasn't that then why the hell didn't you tell me? I don't mind you having male friends or meeting new people, hell I was introducing you to him! Why did you not tell me? What are you hiding from me?" he yelled.
"I'm not hiding.. Ahmed.. please.." I said between hiccups.
"You know what? I don't want to listen to this.. I'm going home and I think you should too" he said stopping a cab and opening the door for me, telling the driver where to drop me off.
I feel terrible. I mean I talked to S3ood for a friend, not for me, but I can't say that to Ahmed, it would be too humiliating for Dana, and she's become a friend and I can't hurt her like that. It's not fair.
I don't know what to do. I'm seeing the girls in an hour so hopefully they can come up with something.
Until next time.