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Hello, My name is.. (69)

Dear Diary,
After S3ood left I sat thinking about what he said; when he first started talking I thought that what he was asking was impossible, how could I be with him but not be with him? He wasn’t asking me to be his friend, he was asking me to keep my feelings on hold. It sounded ridiculous, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me. He loved me and I loved him, what he was saying is that eventually, we will end up together, but he will need time, which honestly is fine for me. I’m not ready to be a wife, I’m too young, so why not live this honeymoon period, where we’re both in love and just enjoy each other’s company. No need to worry about tomorrow. Really, what was the rush?
I left my flat and went over to Juju’s place,
“Juuuj fet7y ilbaaab” I said knocking the door,
“Noorooo shtabeen shtabeeen? UFF!” she yelled opening the door,
“I missed you”
“Hahah 3ayara, come” she said letting me in, I walked in to the usual mess in her flat, kicking an open suitcase on my way in,
“Uff Juju madry meta bete3alemain you unpack properly!”
“You know what I love the most about going back home?”
“That I reach Doha and in an hour my luggage magically unpacks itself”
“Hahah you’re such a spoilt brat!”
“La arjooch!”
“Heheh.. Juuj I need to talk to you about something”
“Hmm gooly”
And I told her everything he said,
“Men 9ijich Nooro? Ya3ny you’re actually considering this?”
“Yeah, why not?”
“You’re only setting up yourself for heartbreak”
“You know I’ll support you with whatever you do, bs ya3ny madry, a7es it’s too vague, I mean how long does he expect you to wait? And what exactly are you waiting for?”
“Madry, he just said he loves me and he wanted me to wait for him”
“And you’re willing to do anything he wants just because he told you he loves you?”
“I love him. It’s as simple as that”
“Noor you made up your mind right?”
“I think so”
“So good luck” she said getting up and hugging me, “I hope you don’t need it but you know I’m here if you need a shoulder to cry on”
“I know. I love you”
“Ana ba3ad.. Hmm.. so.. go call him”
“Tell him you’ll wait for him! Shtan6ereen? Hay broo7a moody kelyoum he changes his mind, dam ina ra’6y 3alaich ilyoum go! Finalize all the details!”
“Heheh ok”
I took my phone and quickly dialled his number.
“Are you sure Noor?”
“I love you”
“Say you love me too”
“You know you want to”
“You love me?”
“That’s not enough” I could hear the smile in his voice, he was enjoying embarrassing me.
“S3ood 3ad yallah!”
“What? Hhahah”
“It’s not funny! Yallah bye!”
“I love you” and I hung up, smiling.
Am I happy?
Well, I guess I am.
Until next time..