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Hello, My name is.. (64)

Dear Diary,
I had a restless sleep last night, with just the most random dreams and I woke up tired and distressed. As soon as I woke up I grabbed my phone expecting a message from him, I felt my heart drop in dissapointment when I saw the blank screen. No messages, no nothing. I nudged Juju trying to wake her up,
"Juju goomy"
"Gooomy goomy bala kesal"
"Nooro shtabeeeeeeeen.. 5aleeny anam"
"Goomy yallah"
"Juju ma rad 3alay"
"Ee wallah"
"Ilsa3a kam al7een?"
I looked at my watch,
"Umm 8:30"
"WHAT? You woke me up after 3 and a half hours of sleep only!! And you expect him to answer mn 9eba7 Allah 5air!!?"
"I thought.. umm.. madry ma cheft ilsa3a"
"Wallah Juju.. I couldn't sleep"
"Uff.. don't give me those sad eyes.. ok ok 5ala9.. dam inich gawamteena we better do something productive"
"umm manicure?"
We got up, showered, got dressed and were out of the house by 10 am. Doha in the mornings is hectic. Driving through the Corniche we played our favourite songs and sang along loudly, giggling at the guy drinking chay 7aleeb while driving and at the Indian workers in the bus next to us who smiled and laughed at our animated faces. Being with my friend and making that decision about S3ood gave me a new outlook, even though he didn't answer I was still positive and optimistic. After all it was still 10 am.
We headed towards W hotel, and walked through the cool interior towards the spa to get our manicures. An hour and a half later we walked out with freshly manicured fingers and entered the restaurant downstairs for the best burgers in Doha. Something about a fresh coat of nail polish always makes me feel better.
We settled down in our seats and were having a random conversation when our food was served, just as I was about to dig into my juicy burger I noticed the red light on my phone flashing. I dropped my fork and picked up my phone, my heart beating. Could it be him?
It was.
"Juju rad 3alay!"
"What did he say"
"He said, Hey you. You finally decided to hear the voice of reason, aka S3ood, and he winked"
"Weeeeeeeeeeyh. Ynaket ba3ad ilshaiba"
"Ee ba3ad wesho. The voice of reason. Nooro, dump him, dama thegeeel"
"Hhahahah yeah shway bs I still like him" I said, blushing.
"Hahah la2anech sa5eefa mithla. Inzain reddy 3alaih what are you waiting for?"
"Umm.. madry shagool?"
"Whatever you want to say, you can't get lamer than that."
"Hmm.. what do I say?"
"Make him jealous"
"What? How?"
"Tell him the truth, Ahmed suggested that you talk to him, so in reality you were listening to the voice of hotness, aka Ahmed!"
"Hahahah you think I should do that?"
"Hell yeah!"
"Ok" I said as I typed in,
Actually, Ahmed suggested that I should be friends with you before you did, you know for Fa6ma and 3abdallah's sake. I must say I agree with both of you, I was being childish
I waited patiently as he typed in his reply,
Yeah I saw you with him in London.
Oh yeah, right. He was shopping with me :)
"Juju rad 3alay aha, what does that mean? Is that the end of the conversation?"
"Umm.. I guess?"
"You think za3al when I mentioned Ahmed?"
"Oh oh I think you have a message!"
So.. are you guys back together?
No. We're friends, just like you and I are friends ;)
"Hahahah I like that!" laughed Juju, "zain tsaween feh!"
Aha. I see. It seemed like you guys were having fun :)
Yeah we were. I love shopping with him.
Aha. He's a great shopper!
What about me?
What about you?
I mean we went shopping together before. Ma anfa3 akoon your shopping buddy?
"What the hell Juju, is he flirting with me?"
"Seems like it! Tell him that you can't shop with him because he's too distracting"
"Wa3 Juju that's so desperate!"
"Wallah tgoleen! Guys fall for lines like that!"
"A5eeeee Juju is that how you talk to 7amood?"
"Hahahah yeah.. and he loves it!"
"Waaa3 3alaikum! Waaaaaaaaaaaa3!"
"Hahahah say it!"
I take that as a no?
lol yeah, ma tenfa3 tkoon my shopping buddy, you're too distracting.
"waaa3 waaa3 waaaaaaa3 I can't believe I used that line!"
Ya waily.
Ma agdar 3ala halkalam
"I think he's had enough of me for now. Let's do it slowly"
"I agree, gradual and consistent is much better than a sudden high dose."
I felt elated for the rest of the day. Maybe this is what he needed, let's wait and see what happens!
Until next time..


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE your stories! I've been reading the posts as soon as they're posted. Amazing! keep up the good work :*** big fan!