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يا حب يا دنيا جديدة
يا احلى ابيات القصيدة
ان كان جرحي ما كفا
انزف لك جروحٍ جديدة
ان كان شعري ما وفا
انسى الحكي وانسى القصيدة

يا احلى ايام العمر
كثر الحكي وش بيفيد
ما بقي عندي صبر
والجرح في قلبي يزيد
ومالك عذر

يا بسمة الثغر الخجول
ما اظن عندك لي حلول
ما اظن ودك نتفق
واحنا ترانا بفترق
ولا تزعلي لو نفترق

قلبك خلي
قلبي انا اللي بيحترق

عبدالرحمن بن مساعد

Mirror.. (23)

“Ha 7abeebty?”
“I’m worried”
“About Talal?”
“Yes” she whispered, blushing. I smiled thinking of how such scary circumstances have brought two people I care about so much together. We’ve been in London for a few days, and I could see that both were quickly falling in love with each other. And I couldn’t be happier.
“Don’t worry 7abeebty, you heard what to the doctor said, it’s not as bad as they had originally thought. He will be good inshallah after the surgery.”
“I miss Saif” I really did, “I also feel guilty for telling him that I am here to buy a dress”
“So tell him the truth”
“Tell him what? I’m in London to take my ex-boyfriend to the doctor?”
“La ya kalba! Tell him you’re here with me while I’m taking my boyfriend to the doctor” she said, turning even more pink than she was earlier.
“Boyfriend ha?” I said teasing her, I was happy for her, really happy, but part of me was also worried, what if he broke her heart, Talal was a player through and through.
“Not for long. We talked about it, I know it’s quick 7ala bas I’m so happy. He said that inshallah inshallah if all goes well, he will propose” and with that my worry was gone, my friend was in love and is to be engaged, can life get any better?
I looked up at Sara, “you think I should tell him?”
“Yeah why not? You don’t have to say the whole truth, just that you’re with me while I came with Talal.”
“Ok, let me call him.”

The phone beeped one short beep before his deep voice came through the other end,
“7abeeby..” he whispered,
“Fedaitek..” I replied moving away from Sara, I wanted to cherish his voice,  close my eyes and imagine him next to me as he whispered his love to me, “Saif..”
“Ya 3yoon Saif..”
“I miss you..”
“I miss you more..”
“I wanted to talk to you about something..”
“Sure, what’s up?”
“Well, I don’t know how to start.. but I kind of lied about why I came to London”
I could hear his breathing changing,
“Laish 7abeeby? Are you worried about the wedding, tara it’s still early we can take is as slow as you need.”
“La la it’s not that, bel3aks I can’t wait to be your wife, there’s nothing more I want”
“Then what?” I could sense he was getting tense, and part of my old, egotistical self swell up with pride, pride that I had so much power on this handsome, tough man, but the softer more powerful side of me ached for him, all I wanted to do at that moment was hold him in my arms and tell him how much I loved him.
“Sara has a boyfriend”
“I will kill him, 7ala you know I know her family, why are you telling me this?” he said, clearly angry.
“Saif yallah 3ad, just listen. He wants to propose, but..”
“But what?” he snapped at me,
“Saif 3ad stop yelling at me! Let me finish!”
“Ok ok” I could hear him taking in deep breaths to calm himself down, I find it so endearing that he cares so much for my friend, so I explained to him Talal’s medical condition and he seemed to have calmed down,
“I love you. I want you to come back soon.”
“Can you come here?”
“Your parents won’t like it..” he said carefully,
“I don’t know”
“I love you”