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Mirror.. (8)

I woke up to a shrill ringing noise that I could not identify; my mobile was on silent, where the hell was this ringing coming from?
It took me five minutes to realise that it was the hotel room’s land line that was ringing and not my mobile. Who uses land lines nowadays?
“Na3am?” I said picking up the phone, this better not be reception or housekeeping. I hardly slept since we came back from the wedding at 5 am, and I could still hear the loud music in my ears.
“9ba7 il5air 7abeeby”
“Metfare’3 Saif!!” I yelled into the phone,
“Hahaha laish I’m just waking you up” he said laughing, I looked at my watch to find that it was 10 am, and suddenly had the urge to cry; I was exhausted.
“7aram 3alaik wallah, I’m so tired, int ma t7es?”
“Laish laish 7abeeby? Afa, ana ma a7es?”
“Eee lo t7es ma gawamtny min 9eba7 Allah 5air o ana nayma ams ilsa3a 6!!” I said, my voice breaking up with sobs of frustration.
“Inzain inzain, ana asef wallah, 5ala9 go back to sleep, I just wanted to spend time with you before we both headed back home” I could hear the guilt in his voice, and felt sorry for him, I mean I can always sleep later, right?
“La 5ala9 I’m up 7abeeby, yallah come over I’ll order breakfast”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, yallah come”
I got up and scrubbed my face clean to remove the residue of yesterday’s foundation, that even the hot shower I took last night didn’t seem to be able to remove. Once I was sure that I had gotten rid of all traces of last night’s make up I walked out of the bathroom and ordered breakfast.
“Good morning 7abeeby” he said as he walked in the room, this time I was the one who hugged him as soon as I saw him.
“I’ll miss you” I said holding him tightly and squeezing my eyes shut,
“Me too, I got used to seeing you for the past two days, I don’t know how I’ll be able to start my day without you tomorrow”
“Hmm.. let’s not think of that, ok?”
“Ok” he replied.
The next three hours were lost with me in his arms, and us just talking about random things, enjoying each other’s company. It was then time for me to meet my friends for lunch, before the bride goes on her honeymoon, I quickly got dressed and rushed down to the lobby to find the whole family waiting for me, I knew most of them but there were a few unfamiliar faces.
“Hi” I heard a husky voice behind me, I turned around to find a guy smiling, his hand stretched in front of him, ready to greet mine.
“Hi” I replied slowly putting my hand in his, he seemed familiar, where have I seen him?
“I’m Mohammed, Dalal’s cousin, umm.. I saw you yesterday at the wedding?”
“Oh yeah, sorry I didn’t recognise you without the ghetra hehe”
“Hehe that’s ok, how are you?”
“I’m good and you”
“Not bad, I hope you’re enjoying your time on our sunny island?”
“Ee wallah, I am, I don’t want to leave hehe”
“Then don’t..” he answered, looking at me and smiling, the way he said it made me frown, I don’t know why, it’s just a normal saying, I mean he was most likely just being nice but for some reason, it seemed like it held another meaning. I excused myself and joined my friends quickly.
“I see you’ve met cousin Mohammed” said Dalal,
“Yeah, he seems nice”
“He is, very nice actually..”
“He’s also looking for a bride”
“Ok and?”
“And he’s been asking about you, not very subtly mn ams”
“So he’s a great guy 7ala! And imagine if you marry him, you’ll live here and I’ll see you EVERYDAY!” she said hugging me.
“Hey hey, who said I wanted to get married? Just because you did doesn’t mean you should be running around fixing people up!”
“Come on, he’s great! He’s not bad looking either”
“No he’s not..” I replied, looking at him, he wasn’t hot like Saif and Talal, but something about him was pleasing, his looks were ok, but he was definitely charming.
“I don’t want to get married now Dalool, besides, you’re forgetting about Saif, I thought you liked him?”
“I do, but come on, you guys have known each other for what two years? Has he ever mentioned the future?”
I didn’t answer her because her mother came over to say hello, but even if she didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to say anything because she was right, Saif never mentioned the future of the relationship, we never defined it and I never cared, but Dalal has a point, or doesn’t she?