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Hello, My name is.. (13)

Dear Diary,
My first date
He called me just as I was about to leave the flat,
"Aloo ako 6al3a 6al3a.. shino ism ilma63am?"
"3ashan I meet you there! laish ya3ny?"
"I'm down stairs nezly yallah we'll go together"
He's such a gentleman, he came to pick me up! I rushed downstairs not wanting to leave him waiting for long, so I left the building and found him standing outside, leaning against a black car smoking, hmm.. I never knew he has a car, always saw him taking a cab.
"Hi, new?" I said nodding towards the car,
"Hehe la bs ma a7eb asoog eb London, so I use public transport most of the time, but today is different" he said opening the passenger door for me, as I said earlier.. gentleman.
"awww.. I feel special" HE'S BLUSHING!! I embarassed him with my teasing! Honestly I'm shocked by the effect I have on him.. he really likes me!! No no, let me correct that.. he's falling in love with me! and that's a direct quote! haha!
I got in and fastened my seat belt as he got into the car and started the engine, it was cold so as usual my hands were freezing. I started rubbing them together and he quickly switched on the heating,
"Chethy ok?"
I nodded to answer his question, as I put my hands close to the hot air coming out of the car's AC. He pulled my my right hand and kissed my cold finger tips,
"A7maad" I whispered, blushing and trying to pull my hand from his grip.
"No.." he pulled my hand closer to his chest and kept it close to his heart,
"Inzain bs you're driving.."
"I can drive with one hand.. I'm a good driver" He said smiling and looking at me through the mirror "Do you want me to put on some music?"
"No I'm fine" I answered.
I thought it would be more awkward, but I actually feel relaxed, content even, with him, with my boyfriend. I smiled at the thought of the word boyfriend.
"Shfeech te'67ekeen? '6a7keeny ma3ach?"
"Ma ga3da a'67ak! O inta laish ga3ed t6ale3ny!!! 6ale3 ilshare3 jedamek!"
"Hehehe shloon a6ale3 ilshare3 o inty ga3da yamy? Ma agdar.."
"Ya salaaaaaaaam 3ala il3ayara"
"Hahaha o ana kel ma ayey agool lech kelma 7ilwa betgoleen 3ayar?"
"Heheh la bs ya3ny.. shda3wa you can't stop looking at me" ok now I'm embarassed and blushing.
"I swear it's the truth.. I can't take my eyes off you.. since the first day I saw you you're in everything I see.. Tadreen I thought I imagined you.. I thought to myself that no one can be this beautiful.. but then I saw you again at the gym and I knew I had to talk to you.. all I wanted was to get to know you.. and when I touch you it's because I want o validate that you're real, and that you won't disappear and will always be with me.."
How can you answer to that? For the first time in my life I felt tongue tied.. my words failed me.. he feels exactly like I do.. and maybe more..
Thank god I didn't have to answer, just as I was trying to find the words to tell him that I feel the same way he pulled up infront of a small cottage like building.
"This is the restaurant.. I love Italian food so you'll be eating a lot of it with me" he said smiling,
"It's ok I love Italian too.."
"Ok great, we're a match made in heaven" he said pulling me closer to him as we walked to the entrance, "This is a family owned place, I found it mara 9edfa, Fahad and I were bored and were just driving around London and we found the place. I've been a loyal customer since"
As we walked in the familiar smells of italian food hit me in the face, the fresh basil and oregano, the strong smell of coffee and tiramisu, I felt my mouth watering just from the smells.
"Helloooooooo Ahmed! You're here.. come come to your table" we were greeted by a short white haired Italian guy who ran to the door as soon as we walked in, ok so he wasn't lying when he said he became a loyal customer. The Italian ran around the restaurant yelling something in Italian and we were pushed to a corner table that was prepared with candles and beautiful white linen table cloth and napkins, so it's obvious they were expecting us.
"Is this the beautiful young lady you were telling me about?" asked the Italian as we sat down,
beautiful? me? really? I blushed as Ahmed answered yes and introduced me to Antonio.
Five minutes later Antonio left us alone,
"Do you like the place?" he asked
"Umm yeah it seems nice"
"Ok look at the menu so we can order, or do you want me to order?"
"You order, you're the expert.." so he did.. 10 minutes later the waiter started laying the yummy dishes on the table, the carpaccio with rocket salad glistening with olive oil and balsamic vinger, the ripe tomatoes against the white creamy mozzarella cheese... everything looked yummy!
After nearly 2 hours and lots of seafood and pasta, we were done with eating. I was holding my cup of coffee with one hand and playing around with my tiramisu stained fork with the other, when he touched my hand,
"Do you like this so far?"
"Um.. yeah I had fun.." is the date over? I'm disappointed, ok I had fun and I ate.. A lot! but still.. is this it?
He paid for dinner and we left the place, again he pulled me close to him as we were leaving, the wind was now cold, he whispered in my ear as he pulled me even closer,
"3ashan ma t6eereen minny.." ya rabyyyyyyy!!
We got into the car and he switched on the heating, this time he didn't drive off, he held both my hands between his and started rubbing them to warm them up,
"Are you cold?" he asked
"No I'm fine wallah.. my hands are always cold 7ata fe ildo7a.."
"Ok" he said but he kept my hands in his and kept staring at me,
"Lat6ale3ny chethy you're freaking me out!"
"Hahah you're so cute wallah" and he kissed my hands, "I was planning to drive around with you in the car, I don't want to take you back home, ma sheba3t minich, I want to stay with you lain te6la3 ilshams.. bs I don't trust myself driving with you because I can't stop staring at you.. so I decided that we stay in the car o I stare at you 3ala ra7ty.."
"6al3eeeny" he said lifting my face towards him, I closed my eyes. "Noora.."
"6al3eeny.." I squeezed them shut and shook my head,
"Don't make me tickle you.."
"You wouldn't dare!" I opened my eyes quickly,
"Hahaha I knew that would do it!"
"That's not funny!!"
We stayed in the car together for another hour and then we drove back home. When we reached the building he switched off the engine,
"Noora jad ma sheba3t minich.. I know it's still early in the relationship fa I won't ask you to come to my flat wala I come to yours because you don't know me and you don't trust me.. o ma3ach 7ag.. bs I really want to spend as much time as possible with you, no I want you with me all the time, just doing routine things, cooking, washing the dishes, just watching tv or studying.. your everyday things, but I want you to do them with me.."
"Umm.. it's still early.. bs inshallah soon.. I had fun wayed today, thank you o n3am Allah 3alaik.."
"il3afo 7abeebty.. I had more fun.."
"Ok bye.." I said and turned to open the car door when he pulled my arm,
"Noora.." I turned around and he leaned closer and kissed me on the cheek,
"Hehe sorry I couldn't resist.. see you 7abeebty.."
I left the car quickly and came up to my flat to write this. This is one night I don't ever want to forget, no matter what happens.. I keep touching my cheek where he kissed me.. another thing I don't want to forget.. If only I could capture these moments forever.. let's hope that you're helping me with this..
Until next time..