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Hello, My name is.. (50)

Dear Diary,
I shrugged my shoulders and continued staring at the animated characters on the screen as 3abdallah dragged Fa6ma out of the flat. Just as I was getting into the show my phone rang, Juju was calling. Suddenly I missed my friends, I had the sudden urge to cry, I picked up the phone, stiffling my tears with my fingers.
"Noooorooo yalkalba yalga63a ya 7mara I miss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!"
"Hehe ana ba3ad Joooj" and I couldn't stop the tears any more, I started crying so hard, I even surprised myself,
"Nooro what's wrong 7abeebty tell me?"
"Madry Juju everything madry.." and I told her everything, she listened patiently, 7abeebty Juju and waited until I finished the whole story,
"Nooro, madry laish tsaween chethy fe 3omrech"
"What? Why? What did I do?"
"Well, first of all, why are you still in London?"
"Second, why the hell are you crying over a guy who CLEARLY thinks of you as a sister? What the hell Nooro! So he's in love with his married cousin! Yelta3noan uhma ilithnain m3 ba3a'6!"
"E I said I'll move on.." I muttered,
"You better move on or I'll come drag you! Nooro come to Paris, Noureya is here and Manoor is coming in 4 days, come.. wallah we're having so much fun, tell your parents, they won't say no, stay with us in the hotel, come on please and I guarantee I'll find you 10 guys to make you forget you ever laid eyes on S3ood malech hay!"
"Hehe I don't want any guys 5ala9.. enough drama for one year, but Paris sounds good, I'll tell Fa6oom although I don't know if she'll want to come, I think she'd rather stay with 3abdallah."
"Ma 3endiha salfa, she'll have more fun with us! Anyway you tell her and let me know so we can book the rooms for you guys"
"Ok.. thanks Jooj.. I love you"
"I love you too"
I felt better after talking to Juju, I was actually smiling when Fa6ma and 3abdallah came back into the flat,
"Besmilla, Nooro shsalfat ilmood swings ilyoum?" asked Fa6ma when she saw the grin I had on my face,
"Heheh mafy shay 3adi, I just talked to Juju.. She's in Paris and I think I'll join her there"
"Laaa Noor don't go" said 3abdallah,
"Why? 3adi Fa6oom can stay here, I can go alone my parents won't say no"
"La it's not about Fa6oom, I want you to stay" he said,
"Hmm but I want to go, I'll call my parents ba3d shway"
"Noor, you saw Meera right?" said 3abdallah,
"3abdallah!" Fa6ma yelled at him,
"Yeah I did, Meera your cousin right?"
"Yes, S3ood's ex fiancee"
"Aha, yeah, pretty.." I said, feeling gloomy again all of a sudden,
"Yeah.. lethally so"
"Noor don't go"
"Because.. I don't want S3ood to be alone with Meera"
"And me being here will make a difference because?"
"Well.. because he likes you"
Ok this was something I was not expecting. I just convinced myself that he thinks of me as a sister, and that I'm ready to move on and forget about him, now his brother is telling me he likes me?
"So? I like him too.. what good is that doing me?"
"3abdallah, Noor is not staying"
"Yes 3abdallah, Noor is not staying" I said sarcastically, "I love how you guys are making decisions on my behalf"
"Noor 7abeebty, I'll go with you"
"Ok I'll tell Juju," I replied plastering a smile on my face,
"Noor please.." pleaded 3abdallah "please don't go"
"Why 3abdallah? He likes me as a sister and frankly I think he's right to do so, ya3ny I think I just have a crush on him, and he's in love with your married cousin, fa this is just hopeless, I don't want to drag myself in this"
"The thing is she's not married anymore"
"huh?" I said dumbfounded, how did this not occur to me before, people get divorced all the time,
"Yes, she got divorced just after she had her baby, she named him S3ood, she told everyone that S3ood will bring him up"
"That's one confident bitch" said my sister, God I love her, she took the words right out of my mouth,
"Aha.. ok so what's the problem, they love each other, she's now free to marry him, so congradulations, why is me being here so important then?"
"Because he doesn't love her!! Noor! She's a selfish bitch! Even my mother who's her aunt doesn't want her as a daugher in law! We were all happy when she left him, ok he was depressed but we all knew it was for the best, now that she's divorced, we don't want her in his life again"
"3abdallah I will not allow you to use my sister as bait!" yelled Fa6ma,
"Fa6ma we're not using her! He likes her! Ya3ny it could go somewhere!!"
"And it could not, 3abdallah I appreciate that you love your brother, and for some reason I love him too, yes I'm saying it, I'm not ashamed of my feelings even though I know they're misplaced, but, neither my sanity nor my pride will allow me to be part of this. If your brother loves her then I hope they're happy together, and if he doesn't then he's old enough to make up his mind about her and leave her without you placing shiny objects in front of his eyes to distract him."
I'm going to Paris, talked to the parents and we're leaving in 4 days! Can't wait!
Until next time..