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Hello, My name is.. (20)

Dear Diary,
I went to uni today hoping to see Ahmed. I think we should figure this out. I mean I'm not the flakey type that falls in love one day and then thinks about another guy the next. By other guy I mean S3ood. So ok he's extremely hot, my goal was that he would be with Dana, I really thought he was interested in her, but I gave him the opportunity to talk to her and he didn't, so I guess he's not. She says she's ok with that, and that she's not ready for a relationship.
Anyway, I went and he wasn't there. Dana says he missed his class, she called him and he doesn't pick up the phone. I tried calling him and still no answer. What the hell!! He's being childish right?
Well I thought he was. So I decided to storm into his appartment. Honestly I was just pissed off that he keeps ignoring me, I really hate being ignored. It's frustrating when you have things to say and no one wants to listen!
I reached his appartment building at around 5, it was only a few minutes walk away from my flat so I walked there in the freezing weather. The security downstairs let me through since he knew me so I reached the flat and rang the doorbell waiting for him, I kept ringing it but no answer, until it dawned on me that maybe he wasn't home. I tried to look through the peep hole but obviously can see nothing. The lights were on, and I could hear the TV when I put my ear on the door. But he's not answering. Ma3qoola he came, saw me and decided not to open the door? La la I don't think he can stoop so low. Or could he? I kept ringing the door bell continuously until I heard the TV go quiet, and he opened the door.
He looked terrible! His face was so pale, he was sweating and shivering at the same time, his eyes were red and his hands so cold.
"Oh my God Ahmed are you ok?" I yelled, pushing him into the flat and closing the door behind me, "7abeeby what's wrong? Shey3awrek?" I said as I hugged him, forgetting all the petty thoughts that went through my head for the past couple of days.
"Ta3baan Noora" he whispered
"Did you see a doctor?"
I walked him into his bedroom and tucked him into bed, picked up my phone and dialled the Doctor Call service.
"Hello, yes, my friend is sick, he has a fever and we need a doctor to come see him please" I gave them the address and they told me that the doctor will be coming in an hour.
"He'll be here in an hour" He nodded with his eyes closed, he looked so vulnerable, lying in bed, shaking. I took off my coat, scarf and boots and snuggled into bed next to him, put my head on his shoulder and slipped my hand behind his back hugging his waist. He'd lost so much weight in just these two days! I felt the tears stinging my eyes but decided it was better if I held them back. I don't want to piss him off again by reminding him of the whole S3ood issue. Let's just pretend it never happened.
"I'm sorry" he whispered. What? He's sorry? Why? I looked at him clearly confused. "I'm sorry I didn't listen to you. Dana told me everything" he continued, his breath getting faster.
"Shh it's ok 7abeeby, it doesn't matter"
"It does. I couldn't answer your calls, I've been like this for the past two days"
"7abeeby.." That's when I couldn't stop myself from crying. I imagined him lying in his flat for the past two days, alone and sick with no one to take care of him. "I'm so sorry 7abeeby, I missed you so much"
"I missed you too"
"Do you want me to make some soup for you?"
"Ma ashtehy 7abeebty, bs 5alech yamy for now. That's more than enough"
I hugged him tighter, put my head on his chest and listened to his quick heartbeats.
The doctor arrived half an hour later, prescribed some medication for his fever and said he should be fine in a couple of days, he just needs to rest.
So here I am at home, I left him sleeping and I'll go back in a few hours to check on him.
Do you think everything is ok now? I really hope so.
Until next time..