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First date..

“I hate you”
“You’re going on a date, why should I come?”
“Because I can’t go alone. If you go on a date I’ll come with you”
“Who told you I want you to come with me?”
“Hahah kalba, please I can’t go alone”
“Ok fine”
The two girls walked to the cinema to find him standing by the door, his eyes on her only. The closer they got the more tense she was, she grabbed her friend’s hand,
“I don’t think I can do this”
“What? Chub, we’re here and I want to watch the movie.. I also want toffee popcorn and you’re buying it for me!” her friend answered dragging her towards him.
“Mar7aba” he said looking at her, she smiled back and looked down at her hands,
“Um.. hello” said her friend, he looked at her frowning,
“ummm.. hi?”
“Hi, I’m Sara, Mona’s friend” she said pointing at her friend, “nice to meet you” she continued as she shook his hand,
“Hi, I’m Faisal. Um I’m guessing Mona told you about me?”
“Briefly” answered Sara, “shall we go in? I don’t want to miss the beginning” she said pulling Mona with her.
They stood in line waiting for their turn to pay for the popcorn, Mona hiding behind her friend while Faisal tried to grab her attention,
“So Mona, I hope you like this movie, I heard it’s really good”
“Um yeah I heard so too” she answered blushing,
“Are you guys kidding? This was nominated for 5 Oscars! It’s a fabulous movie!” said Sara, shoving a handful of popcorn down her mouth.
“Aha. I didn’t know that” answered Faisal, briefly moving his eyes away from Mona.
The three walked into the theatre,
“Saro ge3dy fe ilno9” whispered Mona,
“T5asain! Wallah ma ag3ad! Broo7a wedda yethba7ny!”
“Wallah teg3edeen 7aram 3alaich! Choofeeny bamoot! I don’t know how to do this”
“Screw you. Kalba”
The girls shuffled in and sat next to each other, being the gentleman that he is, Faisal sat next to Sara with no complaints.
“So Mona, how long are you staying here?” said Faisal, peeking over Sara’s head to look at Mona,
“Umm I’m staying with Sara for a couple of months, she studies here and I took a semester off”
“I see, interesting, I used to study here as well”
“Really? Maybe you know Sara’s friends”
“I don’t think so, I’m way older than her,” he said with a smile,
“Ah.. yeah”
“Can you guys be quiet the movie is starting?” said Sara, annoyed by the conversation going over her head.
“Ok sorry”
The three sat quietly watching the movie, until Faisal stretched his arm over Sara’s shoulders, lightly tapping Mona on her shoulder,
“Nag9ech shay? Do you want me to get you some water?”
“Ana aby maaay” answered Sara, her eyes glued on the screen.
“Oh. Ok I’ll get you some” he said, getting up quietly to buy the water.
“Monoo tara la3wazny your boyfriend! Ma yasket! I want to watch the movie!”
“Hahaha he’s not my boyfriend! It’s a first date!”
“Kela minich yalkalba sa7batny ma3ach! A7es wedda yekfa5ny!”
“Shh he’s coming back” giggled Mona.
“Sorry they’re out of cold water, I got you room temperature”
“A9lan it’s freezing here” said Mona,
“Are you cold?” he asked, taking of his jacket and handing it over to her,
“La la it’s cold bs it’s ok, I have my shawl, here you can have it” she said pushing her shawl towards him.
“La la wallah, keep them both, you’re cold” he said holding her stretched arm over Sara’s head.
An hour later, the movie was over and the three walked out quietly,
“Umm.. this was fun, thank you for coming Mona, I’ll call you tonight?”
“Yes, thanks for the movie” she replied as the girls walked away.
“Kalba, kalba, kalba!!!” Yelled Sara as soon as they were far enough,
“Hahahahahhaha, laish wallah it was fun!”
“Fun for you! Ana yebast mn ilbard o achoofkum into ilthnain, jacket raye7 o shall raje3, o ilmonkey in the middle ma7ad se2alha itha bardana wela la!!”
“HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA I’m soooo sorry! Why didn’t you say anything?”
“What did you want me to say? I’m NEVER doing this again!”
“Hahahah sorry 7abeebty,” answered Mona hugging her friend and continuing on their way home.