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Mirror.. (14)

Saif: PING!!!
Saif: I need to see you...
7ala: I love you Saif
Saif: I love you too, my life without you is impossible, I don’t care about anyone else, all I want is you...
I opened my eyes to read through those sweet words again, only to realise that it was all a dream.
He was not mine anymore, and I had to wake up and face my nightmarish life. He was not mine because he was finally engaged to his cousin, he was hers and I was alone. I had found out from Sara that the engagement he had been postponing had happened, after all there was nothing holding him back, I was out of his life, forever.
After my art gallery opening I toyed with the idea of getting to know Mohammed, but I wasn’t emotionally ready, if I had at that time listened to my foolish brain then I would be tormenting myself over another failed relationship.
I was still not completely over Saif, but I felt that I needed to give myself a chance, a chance to have some happiness in my life.
I picked up my phone and scrolled through my contacts, quickly dialling the number before my nerves failed me again. After two short beeps I heard his husky voice on the other side,
“Um.. hello?”
“I’m waiting for your explanation”
“Excuse me?”
“You were thinking for two months? So I assume you either wrote a book on how to start a relationship or you really don't want to get to know me”
“Hehe, la bs I needed some time”
“Yeah I thought you did, but two months? Don’t you think that’s a bit long?”
“Madry, int mn awalha ga3ed t7asebny?”
“La la, madry, I thought what I asked was quite simple, get to know me and let’s see where it goes”
“I know...”
“But nothing is that simple” I whispered,
“You’re a complicated one aren’t you?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean you pretend to be happy and easy going when in reality you have a lot of deep issues”
“Are you psychoanalysing me now?”
“Hahah la I’m just making conversation, so...”
“How is the beautiful 7ala doing?”
“Hehe stop, don’t embarrass me”
“I’m just being honest... you know you’re gorgeous”
“Hmm... keep going”
“Hahah I thought you didn’t want me to embarrass you?”
“Hmm... I don’t get embarrassed easily, I was just pretending” I said giggling.
We talked for about two hours, only hanging up because my mother nearly broke my door down to call me for lunch. I enjoyed that conversation with Mohammed, I don’t know if it would turn into a relationship, but it seemed like a good start. At least I knew there was no cousin waiting for him to marry her lurking in the shadows, there was a future to the relationship.
It was safe, and that was what I needed most at the moment; I needed to feel safe.