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Hello, My name is.. (5)

Dear Diary,
Where did I stop earlier? Oh yes.
I was walking out of the building to meet my friends and go shopping since our plan to find Him failed. Until I heard someone calling me. It was him! Can he really be calling me?
"Law sema7ty!" again, this time I stopped walking but wouldn't dare look back, I closed my eyes wishing it was him. He touched my shoulder lightly! I know because I felt it tingling. I turned around and it was Him. With Her. Ufff.
"Mar7aba, shlonech?" (Her)
"Umm.. Hi" (me) I think it was obvious that I was talking to her but staring at him. He stared back with an amused smile on his face. Great. He thinks I'm funny.
"Hala.. ana Dana mn ilkuwait.. and this is my friend Ahmed" she said holding his arm tightly. Who cares where you're from.. Where is HE from?
"Umm hi.. I'm Noor from Qatar.. nice to meet you both"
"Oh you're from Qatar?" That voice.. oh my GOD.. I felt dizzy.. maybe Noureya's plan will work and I 
will faint into his arms. His strong arms.
"Umm .. yes.."
"Where from?" Seriously? Is that even a valid question? Everyone who knows Qatar would know that we're all from Doha.. well 95% of the population atleast.
"Oh.. I'd love to go to Qatar.."
"Oh.." Weird.. I don't hear that very often.. I love Doha and everything but there's not much to do.. well I guess maybe we're too used to it.. I've been told other people have a lot of fun here..
"You see technically I'm from Qatar, but my mother is Kuwaiti.. my father passed away when I was a kid so I lived in Kuwait all my life.."
That explains the accent.
"Oh.. I'm sorry to hear that.." I can see Dana clutching Ahmed even more tightly and tapping her tribute platform heels on the ground. Serves you right for wearing those heels to uni. She's not liking this. Haha tough! I'm loving it!
"La it's ok.. I don't remember him at all.. but I get to see my family a lot when we travel"
 Ya raaaabyyyyyyyyy 3ala his smile!
"It was great meeting you Noor! 5aleena nshoofech" (Dana) I hate girls with fake smiles.. ya3ny ybayen.. so stop faking it!
"Yeah it was.. we don't want to keep you any longer.. wait you go to my gym right?" 
(Ahmed) Shit he remembers the sweaty incedent.
"Umm.. you mean the one on X street?" ee istahbely..
"Yeah.. I think I saw you leaving it the other day"
"Umm.. yeah.."
"Ok.. do you go there regularly?"
"Great.. did you try the juice bar there? It's amazing!"
"Um.. no not really"
"Ok.. do you want to meet there today around 6? After your work out?"
"Ok.. See you there.."
And she pulled him away.. I decided that I don't like her. Not because she was literally hanging off him, but because she's a fake girly girl, not a real one. And I don't like that.
The girls were all giggling when I reached them,
"Was that HIM!?" Yelled Juju, I silenced her with one of my killer pinches on her thigh.. what if he could hear her!!

HE TALKED TO ME!! HE TALKED TO ME!!! I gave them all the details and we all agreed that the Kuwaiti/Qatari combo was a killer.. his accent and his voice were TO DIE FOR..
ohhhh is this love? I think it is..
At 6 pm after taking a shower in the gym, I know.. eeew.. but it had to be done, I can't meet him for juice all sweaty and stinky. I walked to the juice bar and there he was, in shorts. Need I say more? He already had two tall glasses of juice infront of him and was sitting on one of the low wooden tables, this place is cute actually. It overlooks part of the gym, so you could see people running around on treadmills and cross trainers. God everyone is so fit in the gym here, it makes the gym in Doha look funny.
"Umm.. Hi... Where's Dana?" Since when am I fake? As if I care where she is..
"Haha Dana? In a gym? You must be kidding"
Oh my God oh my God oh my GOD.. He's hot.. I'm glad I'm sitting down because I swear my knees were feeling weak..
"Hehehe.. so.."
And we started talking.. he's so funny (or maybe I was being a love struck teenager.. I don't recall anything funny he said now that I think of it...) he said that he thought he would introduce himself in uni since there aren't a lot of 5aleeji people and he knows how tough first year is if you don't know anyone.. he's been here for 3 years, this is his final year.. shit he'll be leaving soon! But then he said he wants to do his masters.. maybe phd. Good he's not going anywhere anytime soon.. we talked for about an hour.. he said Dana has been in his class since highschool.. they weren't really friends but she didn't know a lot of people.. and it would be great if we went out with her miskeena (we as in me and my group.. I told him about the girls.. and great my ass.. I'm not going anywhere with that girl) I didn't really promise him I would.. but I said I'll try to put something together.. try being the operative word..
So here I am after our rendez vous.. I feel elated.. I can't remove the smile from my face.. and I don't want to..
Until next time..