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Hello, My name is.. (48)

Dear Diary,
I decided to dress on the safe side, I opted for my trusted skinny jeans with an appliqued Lanvin tshirt - not too plain, not too dressy, it would look good no matter where we went. I quickly threw in my keys and wallet into my classic Chanel and ran out of the door, leaving my hair flowing behind me but also carrying a clip in my bag, just in case.
I went down to find S3ood standing at the entrance, with one hand on his hip,
"You're late"
"No I'm not!"
"Hehe ok you're not I was just kidding. Yallah come" he said pulling me from my arm,
"Where are we going?"
He looked at me with a confused look on his face,
"Shopping, where did you think we were going?"
"Shdarany! You didn't tell me!" I answered defensively,
"No but I told Fa6ma to tell you, I need you to help me pick out a gift for my mother, it's her birthday next week and Fa6oom already helped 3abdallah, so I don't want her ideas because 3abdallah probably rejected all of them and took the good one.. so.. you're a fresh pair of eyes"
That's it? A fresh pair of eyes?
With my ego somewhat deflated, I trailed behind him as we walked through Sloane street.
"What are you looking for?" I asked,
"Well isn't that why you're here?" he answered sarcastically,
"Umm yeah I guess, but I mean what type of gift? What's your budget to begin with?"
He looked at me and shrugged,
"The sky's the limit.."
"Oooh this is a phrase I LOVE to hear when it's related to shopping!" I said, thrilled at the prospect of a budgetless shopping spree.
We spent three hours shifting from one store to the other, with no gift for 5alty Mariam and with S3ood's arms getting filled with my shopping bags, so after those three hours I felt guilty, he was patient, he waited for me to do my shopping, he was attentive, he helped me select my stuff, I loved my day with him, we shopped, we ate we laughed, I think I fell in love with him all over again today, but after the three hours I decided it was time for me to stop pretending that we were out for me and to actually get started on why he took me out in the first place.
"Hmm.. Jewellery?" I suggested for 5alty Mariam's gift,
"Why not? We've exhausted all the other options" he said as we headed into Harrod's fine jewellery section.
We walked into Bulgari, it's 5alty Mariam's favourite apparently, as soon as we walked in the salesman greeted S3ood by name, telling him that he has prepared the rings that S3ood has requested.
If he knew what he wanted, what have we been doing for the past three hours?
The salesman brought out a tray that held seven different rings, each with different shaped solitaires from the store's special selection.
They were all breathtaking.
"Try this one one" suggested S3ood as he picked up a 3 carat emerald cut ring and slid it carefully on my ring finger. I felt my heart pounding so fast, I felt as if I had just ran a marathon, I was sure he could see my tshirt fluttering because of my heart beats. He was holding my hand in his, looking at me with a smile on his face,
"It fits perfectly" he whispered, when he heard a small giggle in the background, I turned around to see one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life. She had extremely black, long hair, that fell in waves on her back. Her skin was the perfect golden colour that people would kill for and she had the most distinctive eyes I had ever seen, they were almond shaped and were such a pure light brown colour, the colour of amber which was highlighted more because of her long, dark lashes.
"Buying for a special occasion Sa3oody?"
He quickly let go of my hand,
"Umm.. la I'm choosing a gift for my mother"
"Aha.. I see.." she said, her eyes on me, "S3ood have you seen my son S3ood?" that was when I noticed the nanny standing next to her, holding a baby in her arms, he couldn't be more than 4 or 5 months old, and yet there was no sign of child bearing on this woman.
S3ood glanced at the baby quickly and then looked back at the woman,
"Ma ra7 t3arefny?" she said looking at me, my 'casual' outfit now felt shabby in relation to this goddess infront of me, she wasn't overdressed, but she was one of those women who would look gorgeous even if you throw her in a potato sack. I looked at S3ood waiting for him to make the introduction, a minute later I stepped forward to introduce myself, since he had ignored her request and just continued to stare at her as she stared back. They were both just looking into each other's eyes, lost in a different world.
"Hello, I'm Noor" I said, extending my hand to shake hers, which she kept firmly at her side as she looked away from S3ood for a fraction of a second to tell me that she was Meera, his cousin Meera.
The love of his life Meera.
The Meera who left him for someone else.
The Meera he was obviously still in love with.
I don't know how I excused myself and left that store, all I knew that 15 minutes later I was in my room staring at the wall, and feeling like I have just been hit on the head with something.
Until next time..