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Mirror.. (20)

7ala: I’m so happy
Saif: mb gady :)
7ala: But I’m also scared Saif.
Saif: Why?
7ala: Madry, too good to be true?
Saif: inty ne9eeby, no matter what you do, no matter where you go, the sooner you accept this the better you’ll feel.
7ala: Madry :(
Saif: 3an ildala3 yallah :P
7ala: Fine hehe
Saif: I love you.
7ala: Me too.
I wished his words made me feel better, but somehow they didn’t. Even the fact that his mother had come and seen me two days ago, and is apparently even more in love with me than her son, or so he claims, is not helping. I closed my eyes taking in a deep breath and tried to focus on the next steps. So the initial meeting went well, the mother, aunts and sisters were happy, but now I have to meet the whole family and it just feels like too much work, why can’t it just be him and me, only?
Another thing that has been bothering me was that I still haven’t spoken to Talal. I tried, but he wouldn’t answer his phone; typical.
As if on cue, my phone started vibrating as soon as I touched it.
Talal: 7ala
7ala: Taw ilnas, where have you been? I’ve been trying to call you for a week!
Talal: I’ve been busy.
7ala: La wallah? O ma tfaker ina feh nas they’re trying to get in touch with you?
Talal: La wallah ma fakart.
7ala: Ok fine, ana asfa, I won’t do it again. Good luck with whatever has been keeping you busy. I won’t be bothering you again.
Angry at myself, more than at him, I dropped my phone and decided to go for a swim to calm my nerves. At least now I don’t need to explain anything to him, the relationship, or whatever it was has run its course; I don’t owe him anything.
After a relaxing swim, and spending two hours with Sara just floating around in the water, I returned to my room with Sara, to find my phone blinking.
“Oooh it must be Saif, nesait agoolah ina we’re going swimming” I said smiling as I picked up my phone, only to find 10 missed calls from Talal, “it’s Talal. That’s weird, he never calls more than once.”
“He’s weird 7ala, or maybe because you broke up with him?”
“Inzain call him?”
“Maby” I said shrugging, “it just feels easier this way, you know I hate confrontation”
“Why keep postponing it though? Just tell him you’re engaged o 5ala9!”
“Saro laish t7eneen? 5ala9 I won’t speak to him, he won’t call again, intaha ilmaw’6oo3!”
As I said that, my phone started vibrating,
Talal: I need you.
“He says he needs me?” I said, somewhat shocked, coming from Talal this is beyond weird, there must be something extremely wrong. “Should I call him?”
My phone rang again, as I was contemplating whether or not I should call him.
“7ala” he whispered,
“Na3am?” I could hear him on the other end, inhaling and exhaling deeply for a few seconds, “5air Talal?”
He didn’t answer for another few seconds, I could hear him breathing so I knew he was still on the other side, “Talal shfeek? Ga3ed et5are3ny” I whispered, fear suddenly gripping my heart, what could be so wrong that he couldn’t speak? I could see Sara was starting to get worried too, she sat up straight, trying to listen to what was going on.
“I need you”
“I’m here, tell me what’s wrong?”
“Come to London with me, please.”
“Talal fakart 3endik salfa. How can I come to London with you inshallah?” I said, trying to laugh, but I had a feeling he was being very, very serious.
“7ala I think I’m sick, and I need a friend. Be my friend please.”