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Hello, My name is..(30)

Dear Diary,
I've been in Doha for the past 10 days, and so far it has been uneventful.. well until today.
I woke up early and decided that we should go to the beach house since the weather was so nice, it was unusually warm and sunny for December but with a pleasant breeze, the perfect barbeque weather. So I walked over to my sister's room and was about to knock on the door when I heard her sobs,
"S3ood I can't do this wallah I can't.. it's too much"
"I know I'm letting you down bs wallah il3a'6eem o ras a'3la mn 3endi ina ana ma 3ad feeny. I have no energy S3ood, what the hell can I give?"
"Fine I'll ask Noor to come with me.."
"No.. no I don't want to tell Sha3ool, I told you I'll ask Noor.."
"She's not a baby.. you don't know her you can't judge her"
She was on the phone with S3ood.. but wait..
WHAT THE HELL? he thinks I'm a baby?! At this point I realised I was eavesdropping and although I was DYING to know what's going on I didn't want to invade my sister's privacy, so I slowly tiptoed away from her door and went back to my room. I sat on my bed thinking about it, what could be wrong? What doesn't S3ood want me to know? Where is my sister going? Why does she need me to go with her? And most importantly, why would she be letting him down?
Thousands of different thoughts were running through my brain, when my sister walked in to my room, her face was red and her eyes were puffy, she obviously had been crying all night.
"Fa6oom what's wrong? Why are you crying?"
"Noor can we go back to London?"
"Umm.. I guess we can.. but why?"
"I just.. I need to go.."
"Fa6ma is everything ok?"
"No.. Please Noor I can't tell you now, just.. I need to go and I need you with me.. I need you" she said sobbing again and falling in my arms, I could feel my sister's small frame shaking in my arms and I didn't know what to do to make her stop, I hated seeing her like this, so all I could do was hug her tight and whisper in her ear,
"Shh.. it's ok.. I'll go with you. Don't worry about anything, just go pack and we'll go tomorrow inshallah"
After she left my room I called my father's office and told them to book us the earliest flight to London tomorrow, I then quickly grabbed my suitcase and threw in my essentials since I had left all my clothes in London anyway. In half an hour I was done packing and was ready to fly tomorrow. But why are we going?
This question remained on my mind for the rest of the day. I called Juju and told her what happened, but I spared out the crying part, I just said that Fa6oom was bored and we wanted to go back to London early so we're leaving tomorrow. Juju and I decided to go for dinner in Villagio since I needed to buy a few things from there, so we met for dinner and a bit of shopping. At 9:30 I was ready to leave, we said our goodbyes and each went to her car, I was driving a small porsche which I wasn't used to since I normally drive an SUV, but my car was in the garage, I was still thinking of Fa6ma, in fact I couldn't stop thinking about her all day. What was going on?
Until all of a sudden I crashed into a Hummer infront of me. The sad part was that the car wasn't even moving! It was stopped at a red light!
How lame am I? Driving into a parked car!
Shit, shit, shit!!
I quickly left the car to go look at the damage, thank God I wasn't speeding so nothing serious happened, the guy in the Hummer also left his car and came rushing to me,
"Inty 3amya? Ma tchoofeen ileshara 7amra!! ma tchoofeeen ilseyayeeer kelaha wagfa? Shbalaach?"
I couldn't answer, shit. He was looking at me like I was mad, what do I tell him? I forgot to step on the brakes? I was thinking of my sister? I'm not used to the bloody car?
"Shbalaaach sakta? ma tefhemeen?" he yelled again.
I could feel the tears dropping down my face, what the hell? Why am I crying!?
"La7oooool... al7een laish t9ee7een ba3ad! Hay ily ibtalashna feeha"
"Inta laish t9are5 3alay? A9lan sayartek shkober ma 9ar feha shay! Ana ily sayarty te3awerat!"
"Testahlain! La2anech ma t3arfeen tsoogeen!!"
Can you imagine the scene? We were standing in the middle of alwa3ab street, hundreds of cars passing by, yelling at each other. Suddenly I started laughing.
That was when he came down from the car.
"Noor roo7y ilbait.. M7amed 5ala9 7a9al 5air ma 9ar shay fe ilsayara 5alna namshy"
Was here in Doha.
And I crashed into his cousin's car, well it must be his cousin, I can see the resemblence now and it makes sense, he used to talk about his cousin M7amed, this must be him. Of all the cars in Doha, I just HAD to crash into the car he was in. What the hell is he doing here anyway? He said he hardly comes here, it's just my luck. Uff.
"Ana asfa" I whispered to the Hummer guy, walked to my car and drove back home as fast as I can.
Just as I was getting into bed I noticed my BB light flashing. New BBM.
From Ahmed.
"I miss you"
Ya Allah why is everything so complicated?
Until next time..