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Hello, My name is.. (8)

Dear Diary,
Today was well.. a step forward. I can't deny that I've been falling for Ahmed, but I think the feeling is not mutual, the guy is just genuinely nice! I saw him on my way out of class and we walked together to starbucks for our daily dosage of coffee. As soon as we walked in he was greeted by all the staff! Yes, like he was their best friend, he knows each one of them by name, he even knows what's going on in their lives, he asked the chubby guy about his sick mother and the blonde girl about her first date with a guy she likes.. I mean who does that nowadays? I go there nearly everyday and other than the usual hi how r you? I hardly ever speak to the staff! That's so weird yet so endearing, I couldn't help but fall in love with him a little bit more after that.
So we were sitting at starbucks, I was digging into my skinny blueberry muffin while he watched me smiling,
"What why are you smiling? Do I have crumbs on my face? Or do I have coffee moustache?"
"Hahahahah, no it's just that I love how natural you are.. ya3ny you don't fake it like other girls"
"hehehe" Shit.. 9ij 9ij dafsha "I don't see why I should fake anything, I mean we're only friends"
"True, true. Speaking of friends how did dinner with Dana go?"
Shit. Akeed galat lah ina i7na ma95arnaha. Well it wasn't technically our fault was it?
"Umm.. 3adi.. ya3ny we had dinner bs she had to leave early.."
"Yeah, yat 3endi ilbait she hung out with me and Fahad.."
"Oh.." she goes to his house.
"Yeah, she texted me half way through your dinner and said you guys were childish" I could tell from the way his lips were pursed that he was trying to hold in his laugh.
"WHAT! We're the childish ones? Did she tell you what happened?"
"No, but she said something about you guys patronizing her on her choice of outfit"
"aaakh.. I can't believe she said that, I mean how shallow do you think we are?"
"Hey I'm not thinking anything.. I'm just saying this is what she said.."
"Whatever, I don't care.. you asked me to take her out so I did, if she doesn't like me or my friends it doesn't matter to me, let her hang out with you guys, I'm sure she likes that better anyway"
"Hey.. why you being defensive?" He said putting his hand on mine, I felt my whole arm tingling.. well who am I kidding? I felt my whole body tingling, I pulled my hand away and started fidgeting with my hair.
"I'm not being defensive, I know she's your friend and everything but it was obvious that she doesn't like us and she lied about her outfit that's why we laughed" I recounted the whole vintage chloe story and he just started laughing.
"Classic Dana.. She's a nice girl, honestly, it's just that she gets so paranoid around other girls and to be honest I don't get why she does these things, she's an extremely beautiful girl"
I felt my heart breaking a little bit.
"Um listen I'm sorry I don't want to be rude about your girlfriend.."
"Dana's not my girlfriend, Noora. I don't have a girlfriend" He put his hand on mine again. This time I didn't pull away. He kept looking at me, and I couldn't help but look back right at him. I felt lost.. can you tell me.. what is it that I'm feeling now? I hardly know him, but the more I know the more I like him.
Until next time..