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Hello, My name is.. (70)

Dear Diary,
I’ve had butterflies in my stomach since yesterday. I called Fa6ma and gave her a brief update on what has happened so far between S3ood and I; she of course called 3abdallah immediately telling him what happened and I have been teased mercilessly since yesterday.
And I’m loving it.
I can’t help but smile when I get S3ood’s messages, my heart beats faster when he calls me and I sigh when he says my name. Never in my life was I happy like I have been in the past twenty four hours, I’m happy, but I can’t ignore that impending sense of fear, fear of what will happen next, and if anything will happen that will affect my fragile happiness with S3ood.
I woke up this morning to a message from S3ood,
“Good morning sunshine :)”
I smiled at how cliché he was, coming from anyone else it would feel lame but from him any word he says is music to my ears.
I got out of bed gingerly, preparing myself for the freezing temperature outside my toasty bed. With my eyes half open I shuffled my feet to the bathroom and let the hot water run for a minute before I had the courage to put my hands under the water.
Ten minutes later, just as I was leaving the bathroom, still in my pyjamas and my hair all over the place, I heard the doorbell ringing. I looked through the peep hole to find S3ood standing with a huge smile on his face. I opened the door and he hugged me as soon as he stepped in.
“S3ood it’s too early and cold for you to be this happy” I mumbled against his chest.
“Hahah, what’s wrong Grumpy?”
“Nothing hehe bs I just woke up. How come you’re so cheerful?” I said walking to the living room and glancing at the mirror self consciously.
“Don’t you think you should call me before you come?” I said hitting him playfully on the shoulder as he helped himself to some orange juice.
“No not really”
“La wallah?”
“Inzain ifre’6 I’m busy, or I’m doing something that I don’t want you to know of.”
“Like what?”
“I don’t know. Anything.”
“Hehe I don’t care, i7medy rabech ina I’m not camping at your door”
“Hahah you wouldn’t dare!”
“La wallah? You want to try me?”
“Hahaha la la 5ala9. Anyway Fa6oom is coming today, so you can’t come 3ala kaifek”
“Men gal?
“Wesho men gal ba3ad? Ya3ny fesheela she’s here o int etyey mn il9eb7”
“Ana o Fa6ma metfahmeen, arjooch la tetda5elain baina. O ba3dain I won’t come alone, 3abdallah will be joining me”
“Allah y3eena ana o i5ty”
“Hahah ee Allah y9aberkum”
We spent the rest of the afternoon together, just relaxing, watching TV and eating take out and junk until it was time to pick up Fa6ma from the airport. The drive there took the usual 45 minutes, we sat silently together in the bumpy cab just content with each other’s company. We stood at the arrivals gate staring at the faces in the crowd, I love people watching and I found out that S3ood does too. It’s interesting when you look at people and how they act when they think no one is watching.
Half an hour later Fa6oom walked out of the swinging door pushing one heavy trolley in front of her. As soon as she saw us she ran to me and hugged me; I really missed my sister. S3ood stood watching us and smiling as we hugged,
“Porter, porter” laughed Fa6ma as she tapped S3ood on his shoulder, “please get my luggage” she said walking past him.
“Porter ha? Inzain baraweech!” he answered laughing and pulling her luggage as he followed us to the exit.
An hour later we were all in the flat, S3ood taking care of the luggage and putting it in Fa6ma’s room.
“You guys seem happy” whispered Fa6ma,
“Hmm.. I am, bs I’m still worried”
“Men wisho?”
“Madry Fa6oom.. a5af..”
“Illy Allah katbah beyseer, you know that right?”
“Yeah, yeah I do” I said smiling, “illy Allah katbah beyseer” I repeated.
Until next time..