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Hello, My name is.. (54)

Dear Diary,
We're heading back to London today, it's been a great vacation, relatively drama free, well, S3ood free. I have mixed feelings about going back to London, I miss London, but I really don't want to see S3ood. And Meera. Together.
Yesterday I overheard Fa6oom talking to 3abdallah about S3ood, I didn't mean to eavesdrop but I kind of did. I came to the room because I could hear her shouting so I thought she was fighting with 3abdallah, when I heard the conversation, I stood in the corner of the room listening to Fa6oom yelling on the phone,
"La la 3abdallah..
NO listen to me! NO this is not acceptable..
3abdallah int shga3ed tgool? Are you serious? You know I love S3ood bs this is wrong, you can't manipulate my sister like that!
No.. no he has to make up his mind! Ya 3amy if he loves her let him marry her! What else can you do?
7abeeby adry..
Adry wallah adry, bs my sister can't handle this..
No, no 3abdallah please don't put pressure on her..
ee adry ina yaih hne 3ashanha bs he backed away with some lame excuse.. hmm.. ok.. and..
are you serious?
Laaa 6ab3an!!! He's her friend, kan ma3aha fe ilmadresa!! 3abdallah!! Ya3ny you don't know my sister?"
So he was the one on the beach..
He saw 7amood and he thought I was exchanging numbers with some random guy? He came to Cannes for me, he saw that and he ran back into Meera's arms.
He still didn't make up his mind.
And I pushed him back to her arms.
I didn't know what to feel, or how to feel. Should I be sad that he's back with Meera? Or should I be happy that he came to me?
Either way, I miss him so much.
Until next time..