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What if..(3)

Bandar Calling
“Haaaaaaaaaa? She called you telling you about the dream?” said Sara laughing.
“No, I was stupid enough to call HER!”
“Hahahaha.. you guys are so funny”
“What’s funny Sara? I’m 31 years old, how long do you think I can wait for her?”
“Wait for what Bandar? She doesn’t know you’re waiting for her” said Sara, “listen, she’s put herself in this dark place and..”
“Yes yes I know I know, I’m the only one who can get her out of it” he stopped and let out a long breath, “Sara you know I love her, from the first day I met her o ana I LOVE HER. You know, my sister knows, my family knows, everyone I know knows!!! Laish hy she DOESN’T!?”
“Yes, we’re back to the she’s put herself in a dark place story”
“That’s unfair Bandar”
“Adry, but I’m pissed”
“Don’t ask me to talk to her”
“I won’t. I was talking to Maha yesterday..”
“She thinks it’s time I move on”
“Nooooooooo Bandar..”
“I know.. I can’t even if I wanted to.. But she has a point.. I’ve been waiting for Hind for 8 years.. 7 of them I spent hoping that she will get over that idiot that broke her heart”
“You know that what happened wasn’t easy”
“And you think that what I’m going through is?”
“Hmmm.. Allah Kareem. 5ala9 ana akalmek ba3dain”
“Fe aish?”
“The usual.. nothing..”
“ok.. Salem 3ala Maha”
“Yebla’3 inshallah”
She hung up the phone.. “Habla Hanood” she thought to herself.