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Mirror.. (11)

I woke up to an incessant vibrating noise coming from my stomach, I fumbled around until I found my phone lying under me on bed,
Talal: PING!!!
Talal: PING!!!
Talal: PING!!!
Talal: PING!!!
I giggled when I saw his messages; it’s been six months since my ‘break up’ with Saif, the first few weeks were the most difficult and surprisingly, Talal was the one who stood by my side during those tough days. It was really unexpected, I was sitting one day, sketching my ideas for the concept of my gallery, when suddenly I felt this extreme sadness, I felt like there was no good in the world; if Saif can do this, then there definitely was no good in the world. I had not heard from him after that day, he didn’t even bother to apologize again, which might be good because I wasn’t strong enough to say no for much longer. My ringing phone that day saved me from my severe depression,
Talal calling.
My fingers hovered over the green button as I contemplated whether or not I should answer his call, a few seconds later I gingerly pressed the button.
“Inty wainik?”
“Why haven’t you been calling me?”
“Why haven’t you been calling me?”
“Ana kint za3lan o na6rek tra’6eeny”
“La wallah? Hahah, 5air laish za3lan?”
“Inty nesaity shsawaity?”
“Jeety ilba7rain bendoon ma tgoleenly, ana ga3ed m3 ilshabab o wa7ed minhum ygool shofo hathy il7ilwa ily jat, I look up and guess who I see? How the hell did you think I would feel?”
“Hmm.. now that you say it this way, I guess you make sense.. I’m sorry..”
“5ala9 it’s too late now, it’s ok. How are you?”
“Not good” I said and broke down crying,
“Shhh shhh, it’s ok hawneeha 7abeebty, mafy shay yestahel”
“I know, I know but I can’t stop” I said, my tears just flowing,
“It’s ok, I’m here, I’m here” he whispered. He stayed on the phone listening to me crying for the next half an hour, just whispering to me and reassuring me that everything will be ok, without pushing me for details. After this sobbing session I felt much better, I felt lighter, cleaner.
“Thank you Talal” I whispered,
“You might not know this 7ala, and maybe I don’t show this to you, bs inty 3endi shay kbeer”
“Thank you,” I whispered again, shocked at this revelation. I really thought he didn’t care about me.
“Hehe you sound shocked?”
“Honestly?” I sniffed, “yes.”
“You know what the problem is?”
“You and I, are so alike we can’t communicate with each other, you don’t understand me and I don’t understand you, yet.. I do care.”
“I care too”
“I know”
“Thanks Talal, I needed this and I didn’t expect it, thank you.”
“People can surprise you sometimes.”
“Yeah..” I replied, thinking of Saif and him. How is it that the good guy ended up breaking my heart and the bad boy was the shoulder I cried on?
Talal: PING!!!
The vibrating noise brought me back from my day dream to Talal and his nagging Pings,
7ala: Haaa? Haaaaa?
Talal: Is this how you talk to 7abeebek?
7ala: Waina 7abeeby?
Talal: Testahbelain?
7ala: 7abeeby :P
Talal: Eee.. 5alek ketha
7ala: 5air?
Talal: Wala shay zahgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
7ala: You realise you woke me up?
Talal: You realise I don’t care?
There he was again; my friend, who thinks he’s my boyfriend, being his usual rude self.
7ala: I know you don’t care :P
Talal: PING!!!
7ala: Ya Allah you have got to stop using this!
Talal: Am I annoying you?
7ala: Yes
Talal: Good :D
I laughed and dropped my phone on the bed and got up to take a shower. I have started setting up my art gallery and I felt great. The opening was set to be in another two months, my father found me the perfect small house that I converted into a gallery and was now finalising the decoration before I start setting up the first exhibition. I was doing great and feeling great, everything was going just as I wished. Everything, except the fact that I still missed him.
I walked out of the bathroom, towel drying my hair and saw my phone flashing, must be Talal and another one of his Pings, I thought smiling.
I love you.
“Great. Just what I needed.”