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Hello, My name is.. (71)

Dear Diary,
I slept late at night after talking to S3ood for hours, I don’t get what he meant by being friends, because so far to me he seems very much like a boyfriend; a very attentive one. I’m not complaining, I’m loving the attention he’s giving me, I love waking up to his messages and having him around all day.
“Nooro.. Nooro goomy” I woke up to Fa6ma’s frenzied attacks on my shoulder,
“Haa haaa shfeech ako gemt!”
“Nooro basech rgad goomy”
“Fa6oom 7aram 3alaich tawa I slept mn 3 hours!”
“Nooro.. I’m getting married”
“Wallah” she said staring at me blankly,
“Testahbelain Fa6oom? Akeed you’re getting married!”
“La ya3ny 9ij I’m getting married. In seven months exactly”
“Fa6oom? Shfeech?” I was starting to get worried, she was staring ahead of her, and it just dawned on me that she was just starting to realise that she’s getting married and that she was starting to panic.
“Ma feeny shay, bs ya3ny.. I’m getting married?”
“Fa6oom? This is what you want remember? You love 3abdallah.”
“Yes. Yes I do.” She said, finally smiling, “YES! I love him” she said her eyes filling up with tears. I leaned over to her and hugged her tightly,
“WEDDING DRESS!” I screamed,
“Shit, shit shit! Shlon ma fakart feha? Shit we have so much shopping to do!”
“Hahah this won’t be difficult, you have a gang of expert shoppers!”
The next few months were lost in a frenzy of shopping bags, lace, silk and shoes. We finally found the perfect design for Fa6ma and her wedding dress was being made and will be ready three weeks before the big day. We were all excited, the girls were helping us with the wedding plans, even my mother was excited, never in her life was she involved in any of our activities but for the wedding, she had Fa6ma on speed dial, calling her every hour with a new update from the wedding planner. We are due to go back home in two weeks’ time, to make the final preparations for the wedding and for Fa6ma’s move to her husband’s house.

Until next time..