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Mirror.. (13)

Talal: PING!!!
Talal: Mabrook
7ala: Thanks :D I wish you were here!
Shit, shit, shit. I was late to my own gallery opening; I quickly dropped my phone in my bag and wobbled down the stairs in my high heels. I spent the last three months travelling to find the perfect pieces for my first exhibition. The theme of the exhibition was ‘Home’, it mainly revolved about Arab artists who lived abroad, so it was full of beautiful imagery of what each perceived as their home, I loved all the pieces, they were all full of love, full of nostalgia and longing. Exactly how I felt, but the depth of their feelings towards their homes made my feelings for Saif appear to be superficial and childish. To say that this trip has helped me to get over Saif would be a lie, however it did help put things into perspective; it proved to me that life does go on, no matter what.
Half an hour later I was walking through the doors of my gallery, every step I took I was being congratulated by people, some were familiar faces and others were complete strangers, but everyone seemed to be happy, and enjoying their time.
After greeting my guests I finally felt like I had a moment to breathe, I walked over to my friends,
“Hi! Tell me you love everything!”
“We doooooo!” yelled Sara and hugged me, “I’m so proud of you wallah”
“Thanks 7abeebty, I never thought I could pull off something like this” I said looking around me,
“No wallah everything is great” said Dalal, she flew into Doha especially for my opening, I really do love my friends.
“Oh, hi” I said smiling, “I didn’t know you were here” for some reason I could feel my cheeks getting hot, which meant that I was probably red, not a very good look for me.
“I can’t seem to be able to stay away from you” he said smiling. Yes, now I’m definitely red.
“Oh 7ala you remember my cousin Mohammed,” said Dalal,
“Umm, yes of course” I mumbled, how can I forget the guy that I rejected for no apparent reason?
“Really? I thought you would’ve forgotten me by now, I thought I would have to reintroduce myself to you”
Uff that smile is doing things to my heart.
“Uhh la shda3wa” I said with a semi giggle.
The rest of the evening was a blur, but I had this feeling of being watched, and every time I looked around me, I would see him, smiling at me, a smile that made me feel warm and special.
A few hours later just as I was getting ready to finally rest my aching feet and get into bed, my phone started ringing,
I frowned, not recognising the number, maybe Dalal changed her number?
“Oh, hi?”
“Umm.. sorry itha az3ajtech bas 7abait agoolech mabrook, everything was beautiful today”
“Men ma3ay?” I said, my heart beating,
“Oh ana asef, it’s Mohammed, I’m sorry I took your number from Dalal, I thought she would’ve told you. I’m so sorry, shit this is embarrassing. Oh you weren’t supposed to hear that”
“Hahaha it’s ok, la 3adi, she didn’t tell me she probably forgot, but it’s ok. Thank you, it’s so sweet of you to come and to call” I said smiling, like an idiot.
“La bel3aks, it was my pleasure, I enjoyed it.”
“Can I ask you something? And you don’t have to answer, ya3ny 3adi lo t9ekeena fe wayhy I’ll get it”
“Hehe la shda3wa, ask”
“Why did you reject me?”
I didn’t know how to answer, so I kept quiet.
“I’m sorry for being so blunt, as I said you don’t have to answer.”
“No, no it’s ok. I didn’t really reject you as a person, it's just that I’m not really thinking of marriage right now.”
“Why not?”
“Umm.. madry..”
“I don’t know you 7ala, and you don’t know me, but for some reason, dashaity galby and I see you becoming my wife, maybe it won’t happen, I don’t know, but would you consider getting to know me, and maybe giving us a chance?”
“You have nothing to lose” he answered, and I could imagine the smile on his face,
“I guess..”
“Think about it.. please” he said, “te9be7een 3ala 5air”
He was asking me to give him a chance, and to think of the future, when my heart was still hanging on to its past. Could he be the one to help me get over Saif?
“I miss you” I whispered, thinking of him, and wishing the words I had just heard were from Saif.