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Chance encounters..

“He’s still staring at me” she complained to her friend,
“So? He’s hot, let him stare”
“But I want to eat!” she replied looking at her big, juicy burger,
“Yalmafjoo3a! La7ga 3ala ilakel! Look at his arms, I would kill to be hugged in these arms”
“So would I, normally, but now I’m hungry!”
“Ok, take small bites and make sure your mouth is closed when you chew”
“Hahah ya 7mara! Chayfatny 3anz I eat with my mouth open?”
“Hahah la I meant be extra careful”
“Ok, here goes” she said taking a small bite from her burger and chewing slowly, “do I have ketchup on my face?”
“Haha no keep that pace, that’s good”
“I’m not enjoying my burger! Uff.. but I am enjoying the view in front of me. He is hot!”
“Oh yeah”
“Oh shit, they’re leaving.. Do you think he’ll come talk to me?”
“From the way he as been staring? Hell yes!”
“No, no they’re walking out!”
“What?” said her friend turning around to catch a glimpse of him putting on his sunglasses and walking out on to the busy street.
“Oh well, at least I can enjoy my burger now,” she said shrugging her shoulders and taking a big bite out of her burger.
Ten minutes later they walked out to find him leaning on the wall, waiting for them.
“Aww.. so sweet.. he waited outside 3ashan ta5theen ra7tech o inty takleen” whispered her friend,
“Shh beyesma3na.. pretend like you didn’t see him”
“Mar7aba” he said looking at her smiling, she put her head down and continued walking, “asef itha ‘6ayagtech fe ilma63am, but I couldn’t help myself” he continued.
She kept her head down as she walked, while he walked next to her, matching her quickening pace easily, she couldn’t help but notice how his muscles moved under the fabric of his jeans, “mashallah,” she thought, “I wonder how he would look like in shorts”
“6ayeb reddy 3alay? Inty mn wain?” she continued walking quietly, with him walking next to her, as they neared a bookstore she grabbed her friend’s arm and pulled her in, with him quickly following,
“Ga3ed ykalemny shasawy?”
“Kalmeeh!” replied her friend, “Are you mad? He’s cute!”
“I know bs madry! You know iny aste7y”
“Get over yourself, oh just take a few magazines and go pay” she said pushing her towards the till, he picked up a magazine himself and stepped in front of the till before her, pulling her magazines from her hand and placing them with his.
“Maybe now you’ll talk to me?” he said as he paid for all the magazines,
“Mayseer! You can’t do this” she complained in a low voice,
“Finally, I heard your voice” he replied smiling, “here those are yours” he said handing her the plastic bad, “wela asheelhum 3anech?”
“La it’s ok” she whispered, taking the bag and walking away, grabbing her friend on her way out.
“Shgal lech?”
“Nothing he just paid, imshy I don’t know how to do this” she said running out of the store,
“Habla” answered her friend.
The girls walked out of the store, with him following.
“He’s still behind us” said her friend,
“Idiot,” said her friend flicking through the magazine, “OHHH! His number!”
“His number! He slipped it in the bag!”
“Throw it out!”
“THROW IT!” she said, grabbing the paper and throwing it in the street,
“Hahah did he see?”
“No I don’t think so”
“Tfashleen, he’s still behind us, there’s a starbucks, walk in I want coffee”
“Ok,” she replied, turning around to see him still behind them,
Her friend stood placing her order as she waited patiently by the door,
“I’m sorry to bother you again, but I really want to take you out for lunch”
“But we just had lunch?” she answered, confused,
“Haha sorry, I eat a lot,” he replied, blushing, “ what about dinner?”
Aww.. so cute, she thought to herself.
“Umm no I’m sorry, I don’t go out with random people. Please leave” she said, feeling agitated.
“Ok, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry” he said with a hurt look on his face, walking out of the door.
“What did you do?” asked her friend
“Chathaba! I saw you! You yelled at the hot guy!”
“I didn’t yell”
“Umm.. can I say something bs ma et’hawsheeny?”
“I want him”
“And you threw the number?”
“O hawashteeh?”
“Ok follow me” said her friend, grabbing her arm and running out behind him,
“Excuuuuuuuuse meeeeeeeeeeeee!” yelled her friend, “Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo”
He turned around to see the two girls running behind him,
“Hi,” said her friend, panting when they reached him, “umm.. we study here, and we’re kinda lost, we want to walk back home, I was wondering if you knew the way back to X street?”
“Umm.. well I don’t live here, I’m only here on vacation, but wait let me ask for you” he answered, his eyes on her. He made a few phone calls and asked for directions, while she stood in front of him her eyes on her feet.
“I’m sorry, no one knows the way, why don’t I hail you a cab”
“But we want to walk!” insisted her friend,
“You don’t know the way” he replied, confused,
“Yes but you could walk with us,” answered her friend, trying to push her towards him, while she stood there motionless,
“Umm.. I don’t know the way either.. I think it’s better if I hail you a cab” he said, as he stood patiently on the pavement, waiting for a cab.
“Ok,” answered the friend resignedly.
She looked at her friend pleadingly, to say something, ask for his name, number anything, her friend shrugged her shoulder indicating that she has done her best.
A few minutes later he hailed them a cab, opened the door for them, paid the cab driver telling him to take good care of the girls. He stood by her window,
“I know wayed az3ajtech ilyoum, but please call me” he said, and stepped away from the cab just as he drove off.
She turned around, looking at him from the glass as he stood on the same pavement, staring at her.
“Hahahahahah! The idiot! Ma 7as ina there’s something wrong! I can’t believe that! That was so funny!” giggled her friend,
“Hahahahah yeah it was.. I guess it wasn’t meant to be..” she sighed, with a smile on her face, sinking into her seat.