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Mirror.. (2)

I keep looking at you mirror, and I like what I see, how can he not? Is it possible that seeing me didn’t affect him at all? I can’t believe that, his eyes said that he liked what he saw, and he couldn’t keep his hands off me, I had to literally keep pushing him off. How can he not answer my call now?
I got off my bed and started pacing the room, thinking of an explanation, maybe he left his phone somewhere? Yes, I mean what other reason could there be? I smiled, satisfied with my justification, just as my phone started ringing, it must be him!
Oh no, it’s Saif, uff what would he want now? You remember him don’t you? Yes, him, the one from Dubai? He’s sweet really, but you know how I like bad boys don’t you? Well I might as well talk to him, I have nothing better to do.
I tossed my hair to one side and picked up the phone, he would’ve liked that if he saw me, he told me he loves long hair. Him, yes him, the one I’m talking to now, uff, keep up with the pace mirror, this is another ‘Him’.
“Shoo? Za3lana 3alay?”
“La laish az3al?”
“Itha za3lana ara’6eech 7abeeby”
“Ra’6eeny yallah” I said giggling,
“Magdar agool”
“7awel..” I whispered,
“La la la.. ma agdar 3ala ilwhispering”
“Ya 3yoona..”
“Ya galby..”
Just then my phone beeped, Talal was calling, good timing, I was getting bored of repeating his name,
“Saif 7abeeby let me call you back, ummy tnadeeny”
“Ok 7abeeby la tet2a5erain 3alay”
“Magdar at2a5ar 3alaik 7abeeby”
I quickly switched lines,
“Laih ma tredeen?”
“Ana ma ared wela inta?”
“La inty, dagait 3alaik al7een o 6awalty 3ala ma radaity, meen kinty tkalmeen?”
“Ma kint akalem 7ad, iltelephone kan b3eed”
“Aaah 6ayeb”
“Laish tkalemny chethy?”
“O shlon tabeeny akalmek?"
“Madry bs mub chethy”
“Laken gooleely..”
“Wesh  halzain ilyoum?” he whispered,
“Eee kalemny chethy..” I whispered back,
“Hahah.. bs 9ara7a.. mashallah 3alaik..”
“Kel ma ashoofek alageek a7la”
“3yoonek il7elwa 7abeeby”
“Ya galby inty.. bashoofek bokra?”
“Madry wallah 9a3ba”
“Laih, galolek baklek?”
“Talaal.. la wallah bs what if someone saw me?”
“Inty habla? Why do you think I took you to this place? I would never hurt your reputation, please remember this, you mean a lot to me”
“Hmm.. ok 7abeeby bachoof if I can go out tomorrow”
“Ok ya galby.. Allah la ye7remny menek”
“Ameen” I whispered,
“Yallah 7abeebty te9be7een 3ala 5air, kalmeeny la 9e7aity”
“Ok, good night”
I dropped my phone on the bed smiling, I really like him, although to be honest we don’t talk about much, and I don’t know a lot about him, all I know is that he’s hot, he’s mysterious and he drives me crazy.
I turned back to my phone when I saw the red light flashing, 1 new BBM.
Saif: I can’t stop thinking about you :*
Uff.. shyaby hay?