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Movie time..

She sat in the dark cinema, wrapped in her thick coat, her fingers tightly gripping her bag of chocolate covered hazelnuts, her eyes glued to the flashing screen in front of her.
He sat in the row behind her, staring at her head, her graceful neck and slim shoulders. He noticed how she would flinch every time the ghost in the movie would appear, how she would cover her face with her hand whenever the eerie music would play. She was clearly scared, why did she choose this movie? He thought. He wanted to be next to her, he wanted to comfort her, this stranger he just saw across the street. Something called for him and told him to follow her, he scolded himself as he stalked her on her way to the cinema, he never does this, he laughs at people who do these things, but something about her, the way she walked bouncing on the balls of her feet, maybe? Or the way her head bobs to the sound of the ipod blaring in her ears? 

Somehow he knew he had to follow her.
He slowly got up and moved to the row she was at, slowly inching towards her. He cleared his throat as he got closer and sat down next to her. She turned to her right where he sat and gave him a quick smile before her eyes were back on the screen.
She could feel his eyes on her, he wasn’t even trying to watch the movie. Freak, she thought. She noticed him when she walked into the theatre; he walked in after her and sat in the seat directly behind her. She loved watching scary movies in the afternoon because she usually had the cinema all to herself, and she could scream as much as she wanted. His presence annoyed her because now she has to hold in her girly squeals.
“Uff..” she mumbled under her breath as she tried to stay away from him as much as possible.
“Shh...” he replied, his eyes still glued on her, smiling.
She opened her eyes with disbelief, shocked at his response, he wasn’t even watching the movie, she thought. She shook her head and focused her attention on the murderous ghosts on screen.
He continued watching her, her small hands covering her face again, her eyes peeping through her fingers, staring intently at the screen, while her other hand delivered the chocolate nuts to her mouth where she silently munched on them. He was mesmerised by her beauty, her clear skin, her soft hair, lost in his thoughts he didn’t notice the action on the screen.
Suddenly he heard a shrill scream.
She grabbed his arm tightly and literally jumped on him,
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!” she yelled, dropping her nuts on the floor and jumping on her neighbour.
“Hahahah” he laughed, “are you ok?”
“Oh my God, I’m so sorry” she said letting go of his arm and looking down at her feet.
“It’s ok, it happens. It’s only a movie, lat5afain” he whispered, conjuring some courage and placing his hand on her trembling hands.
“Umm... I know. Sorry, I tend to get like that when I watch scary movies.”
“Yeah I noticed the face covering” he laughed, “so why watch them?”
“I don’t know, I love watching them” she smiled back. Something about him, something about his face made her relax, his presence comforted her.
“Ok let’s finish the movie” he whispered.
She continued watching the movie, her hand still tucked between his, every time she would get scared he could feel her grip tightening on his hand, and every time she did that he would feel his heart skipping a beat.
An hour later the theatre lights were switched on, she got off her seat and stretched her arms. He watched her as she picked up her things.
“Thank you” she smiled.
“Believe me, it was my pleasure” he replied, as they walked out of the cinema.