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Hello, My name is..(4)

Dear Diary,
Today was weird.
I don't know how to explain, so let's start from yesterday's events. I went to the gym as usual, this time he was no where to be found, which is good because I practically fell off the treadmill 3 times while thinking of him and imagining scenarios of 'us' together. So I got dressed after gym, wore make up (eyeliner and all, like girly girl), curled my hair and wore my favourite skinny jeans with a cute top. I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard if I see him. I decided I want him to like me for me. Feeling a bit more confident with my not so new look Juju and I left the building and met the girls in Ishbeelya. I love that place! The food is amazing and the atmosphere is so relaxing, plus sitting opposite the window is cool, you get to see everyone and yet don't appear desperate since you're 'casually' having dinner. Genius!
Anyway, after dinner we decided that we'll watch tv in 3aysha and Muneera's flat. Even though I had fun during dinner I was pretty quiet, I was still thinking of him. Who was that girl? She was flirting but he seemed distracted, he kept looking behind him as if waiting for someone, or was I imagining that. We passed by noura (grocery) for chocolate and cookies for the rest of our evening and then walked to the girls' flat since it was only a few minutes away. I LOVED their flat, it's SO cute! Mine is so plain, I should go to habitat and get some cushions and throws for my flat, it looks so dull compared to theirs.
So after an hour of watching sex and the city, still the best show ever! We decided that to break the ice each one of us should talk about either an ex or a current crush. Juju, being the gorgeous chick that she is, had no crushes but plenty of exes, all the other girls also talked about exes and Muneera talked about her crush on Zac Effron, I mean seriously? I really don't see it! anyway, my turn came. And I have no exes. What so ever. None. I was somewhat embarressed when the girls gasped and squeeled, but I mean, I never liked any one so what am I supposed to do? I'm only 18 for god's sake.
That's when I started talking about Him.
Shit I don't even know his name! Muneera kept giggling and said we should give him a nickname. He should be my Mr. Big. I don't want him to be Big! What if he treats me like Big treated Carrie? and me with the diary.. perfect.. just perfect!
Hehe listen to me, I'm writing a diary and I think I've actually become a writer! Anyway.. so they insisted on Big, even though I don't really like that idea, but I decided to humour them, they were trying at least. God, I'm starting to really like those girls.. I can see us becoming best friends in the future.. I'm drifting again.. Noureya.. always hyper naturally and now extra hyper because of the high sugar doses she's just had suggested that I have to 'seduce' him! That was so funny I swear, she came up with this plan for us to be trapped in the lift together and me pretending to faint.. Needless to say this would never work. The next best thing came from 3aysha, I think she's my favourite out of all of them, she's quiet but not too quiet, she just has this dignified air around her, you get the feeling that she's a real artist and when I saw her sketches I knew that was true mashallah. So 3aysha's suggestion was for them to visit me in uni and try to find out who he is, Muneera and Nooreya were the extra confident type and volunteered to introduce themselves and ask him for info, I agreed because being the coward that I am, I would die before I went up to him and said hi.
I went to bed last night waiting for the sun to rise.
I woke up early and fresh, got ready, nothing too special 3ashan ma y9adeg roo7a, and ran to the bus stop taking me to uni..
2 pm as scheduled I was leaving the lecture hall walking towards the exit looking for him. I could see my friends standing in the middle of the courtyard, eyeing all the guys trying to figure out which one he is, and since there aren't many 5aleeji guys it shouldn't be difficult.
If he was there.
I walked towards the exit heading to where my friends were, disappointed, to drag them out of uni and head to Harrods for some retail therapy, when I heard a voice calling me.
"Law sema7ty.."
Let me repeat that, I heard a HUSKY voice calling me..
Hmm.. I'm getting tired from all this writing.. I'm going to the gym.. mean I know.. hahah that's what we 'writers' do!
P.S. I'm meeting him there by the juice bar!
Will give details later..
Untill next time..