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Hello, My name is.. (66)

Dear Diary,
We reached London today, I actually missed it but I was worried about how seeing S3ood again would affect our fragile friendship. We’ve been texting all day, every day for the past two weeks, he was literally with me every minute of my day, from the moment I woke up to the moment I slept. I think the friendship concept was working for him, it was within his comfort zone.
Yesterday just as I was tucking myself in bed, I felt my phone vibrating, I smiled knowing that it was S3ood,
Don’t ha me :P
Hehe I was about to go to sleep
Without saying good night to me? : (
Sheft shlon?
You’re mean
La wallah?
Here was I trying to be nice and offering to pick you up from the airport tomorrow
Lol no need. Ahmed already volunteered.
I see.
Good night then, have a safe trip.
I slept with a heavy heart, should I call Ahmed and tell him not to come? Then again S3ood and I are supposed to be friends only, I don’t want him to feel that he gets any special treatment.
I woke up early the next morning to get some last minute stuff before my flight, Juju and I were taking the same flight and Fa6oom was joining us in London two days later. By the time I was settled in my airplane seat I was exhausted, I thanked God for not changing my mind about calling Ahmed because I wanted to sleep and was sure to look like shit when I landed in London. Friend or no friend, I don’t want S3ood to see me looking like something the cat dragged in.
Seven long hours later we landed in London and as I expected I looked like shit, my eyes were bloodshot, my skin blotchy from the dry cabin air and my hair was all over the place. I sighed as I dragged my heavy luggage off the carousel and called Ahmed,
“Are you here yet?”
“Umm yeah yeah I’m parking,”
“Yallah bser3a ana o Juju ta3aba o naby nakel,”
“Ok yallah, you’ll see me as soon as you walk out”
“You better be here”
“I am I am”
I hung up and dragged my heavy feet towards the nothing to declare exit, Juju pushing her luggage behind me. We walked out of the big doors looking for Ahmed and I couldn’t see him anywhere, I kept walking towards the exit, my head down, fiddling with my phone trying to call Ahmed when I felt someone grab my arm from behind,
“You’re late!” I yelled, as he swivelled me around and pulled me into his chest,
“I missed you too” he said grinning,
“Yes, my twin is still in AD” he laughed,
“Umm.. what are you doing here?”
“What do you think? I’m picking you up”
“I called Ahmed and told him I was coming, I relieved him of his duty”
“Oh.. Juju” I called for her, she was standing behind me, her mouth forming a perfect O as she stared at the two of us, I was still conveniently tucked into his arms, my luggage trolley abandoned between Juju and I. I quickly stepped back and adjusted my hair,
“Umm we better get going”
“Yeah you look tired,” he said, with a frown, pulling me into those strong arms again.
Why does he do this to me? I’m confused. Are we friends? Are we more?
Until next time..