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Hello, My name is.. (21)

Dear Diary,
Sorry I haven't been updating lately, I've been busy with Ahmed and the girls, so..
Ahmed has been gradually getting better, I haven't been going to class for the past two days kela 3enda in the flat, taking care of him. He laughed the other day saying ina ma bagy ila I give him a bath.. To be honest I don't think I'll mind so much hehe.. Things have been going better, or at least I think so, I think he's over the S3ood thing bs I still have this feeling that he's kept it in the back of his mind, like he's waiting to bring it up as soon as we have another fight, well something that happened yesterday made me sense that. We were sitting on his sofa, he was on the sofa and I was practically on his lap, he was playing with my hair, my head on his chest. So far so good? We were watching an old jalsa for 3abdelmejeed on TV, the volume was low and we were just chatting, ya3ny we weren't really watching it was playing in the background, when he started singing this song..
"Sem3y sem3y.. a7eb hal i'3neya" he said increasing the volume. Being the polite person that I am I smiled and listened. Let me tell you what I heard.. and no I did not like it!
La yehemak 9ed 3anny ma y5alef..
Baker tejy o tgoool 3athabny '6emeeery..
Ma tabeeny bas 5alek mn ilsewaalef..
Lo tabeeny kan ma 7abait '3airy..
Is he serious?
My eyes got wider and shot up in my seat, well his lap.
I tried to distract him and change the channel, but noooo he wanted me to listen to the rest of the song.
"Shhh Noora listen"
So I shut up and listened. Needless to say I didn't like what I heard.
Ilwefa maho 7aky yemla ilshefayef..
Illy tegoola ly tegoola 7ag '3airy..
Roo7 leman samak mamloo7 ilwe9ayef..
La kathar Allah 5air mn nesak 5airy..
What what whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
So now I'm a lying cheating whore?!
Tell me am I over reacting?
I told the girls and they all laughed, and to be honest it's not funny at all. Dana says that yes he is the jealous type but once he sees that there was nothing with S3ood he'll got over it, I just need to give him time. So I'm trying my best.
Another thing is that yesterday the WEIRDEST thing happened. My father called me. Yes to me that is extreeeeemely weird, my dad NEVER calls, EVER. Today he called me and after the formalities of hello how r u? b5air allah ysalmek there was an awkward 30 second silence, then suddenly came the unexpected question:
"Inty meta bet3awdeen ildo7a?"
"Umm.. madry bagy shahar 3ala ilsemester o lail7en ma 7ejazt.. laish feh shay?"
"La. Ma tegdereen t3awdeen fe ilweekend hal isboo3?"
Huh? Mn meta ubooy yaby ychoofny o meshtag 7ag my face?
"Umm.. la ma a'6en.."
"Laish? Mafy dawam fe ilweekend. Ilyoum ba5aleehum ye7jezoonlech mn ilmaktab"
"Laa baba ya3ny 3endi essays o research ya3ny magdar ayey"
"Haa.. ok.. inzain o isboo3 ilyay?"
"Laa halshahar wayed busy la2ana ma bagy shay 3ala ilimte7anat"
"Ok. M3 ilsalama 3ayal"
And he just hung up like that. Of course today I found an extra couple of thousands in my account, I'm guessing a token of love from my dear daddy. What the hell is going on? Why does he want me to come?
Should I be worried?
I told Ahmed and he said that maybe he misses me. I laughed in his face, haha miskeen wallah.. he really doesn't know my family.. hmm..
Oh well.. I'll let you know what happens soon..
Until next time..