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Mirror.. (19)

“So, ngool mabrook?” giggled Sara,
“I don’t know, I don’t know.. Saro I’m freaking out, I don’t know. I know it’s Saif and I know I cried for ever when we broke up, but this is marriage, this is forever!”
“Yeah so? You’re finally getting you’re happily ever after, what don’t you know?” she said, as she flipped idly through a magazine on my table, and elegantly crossing her legs, “What color do you think I should wear at your wedding?”
“Saro, hay wagtech? I’m here panicking and you’re thinking of dresses? You want to know what I don’t know? I don’t know ever after, I suffocate at the thought of forever, I panic when I think of him and only him, I mean, what if on my honeymoon I see someone that I like better? What then? Shasawy fe roo7y?”
“Speaking of your wandering eye, have you spoken to Talal lately?”
“So you have no intention of telling him about your upcoming engagement?”
“Saro 3an il6naza, akeed bagoola but I didn’t get a chance yet. O ba3dain don’t change the subject! Saro shasawy? Goleely!!”
“Tell me, for the past 7 or 8 months since Dalool’s wedding, how many guys did you meet?”
“Other than Mohammed, which was a bad bad idea, no one”
“Inzain, why is that? It’s not like no one was interested”
“Madry, maybe 3ashan Saif?” I whispered,
“There, you have your answer. You weren’t interested in anyone else because you were in love with him. There’s nothing to worry about, you will have your happily ever after, I know it” she said getting up and hugging me.
I wish I was as confident as her, something deep down inside me wasn’t so sure. I was set to meet his mother and his family next week, they were coming to officially propose on his behalf and go through the engagement formalities. The whole household was in a constant buzz, with furniture being repositioned, silver being polished and crystal chandeliers professionally cleaned. In front of my parents and Saif I appeared to take part in these jovial preparations, but I couldn’t help feeling constantly worried.
I smiled at Sara, partly to reassure myself that everything will be ok.
“Yallah, call him.”
“Who ba3ad? Talal. Tell him you’re getting married.”
“Why are you being so pushy?” I smiled, but was slightly irritated,
“Because, you just have to get it over, like stripping off a band aid.”
“Fine, I’ll call him tonight.”