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Mirror.. (18)

It's been a month since I last saw Saif, he talks to me all the time but still, for some reason I cannot shake that feeling in the pit of my stomach; you know that feeling you get? Like something bad is going to happen? Yes, that feeling. I wake up every morning with this feeling, and continue through the dayholding my breath, anticipating the bad news.
This afternoon I was sitting with my mother in the living room, my head on her lap as she watched TV and I idly flipped through my magazine when the phone rang,
"Mama 7ala goomy redy 3ala iltelephone,"
"Uff mama maby, beyredoon 3alaih ta7at,"
"Mashallah 3alaich kasoola," she mumbled as she gently pushed my head of her lap and walked towards the phone, I smiled as I heard my mother going through the custom greetings,
"Allah y3afeech... Allah ysalmech... ee... hmmm... ee hathy ilsa3a ilmbareka... ilshor shor ubooha... Allah ysalmech... o ilne3em feekum bs lazem nes2al 3an ilwalad..."
I felt this sudden fear gripping my heart and intensifying with every word my mother said, who the hell is that? I don't want to get married, I don't want to get married! I want my Saif!
Panicking I picked up my phone to text Saif,
7ala: PING!!!
7ala: SAIF! Where are you?
Saif: 3yoon Saif
7ala: Where are you?
Saif: Mawjood galby. What's wrong?
7ala: I don't know, bs it seems like some idiot wants to marry me and my mum is on the phone with his mother.
Saif: Allah ysam7ech 7abeebty
7ala: What's wrong with you? I'm telling you my parents want to marry me off! My mother's face is frozen with a huge grin o int tgool ly Allah ysam7ech!!
Saif: Eee Allah ysam7ech because you're calling me an idiot
7ala: Na3am?
Saif: My mum is the one talking to your mother 7abeeby
Saif: Mabrook 3alaich ana ;)
I felt my fingers going numb. Shit I wasn't prepared for this, ok yes he told me he will talk to his parents and that eventually it will happen but now that it's happening.
I am not ready for this!
Saif: 7abeeby.. 7ala..
Saif: PING!!!
7ala: Na3am?
Saif: I love you
I stared at the screen not knowing what to reply. A hundred feelings all rushing through me at the same time, love, fear, anticipation, panic.
Saif: 7ala?
7ala: 7abeebha..
Saif: I can't wait.
Slowly I typed in my response.
7ala: Me neither.