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Hello, My name is.. (52)

Dear Diary,
We've been in Cannes for a few days now, I'm having the time of my life, tanning, swimming, water sports, it's great. The girls are amazing as usual, but I can't help thinking about S3ood. After Meera's arrival in London he became so distant, we hardly saw him. 3abdallah apologized to me about wanting me to stay in London for S3ood, he said we were right and he had no right to ask me to do that, he also shrugged his shoulders and said that it seems like S3ood made up his mind, he was spending most of his time with Meera and baby S3ood.
So I guess he made his choice.
It's Meera after all, the love of his life. Who am I to compete with that?
Did he take me ring shopping for her? I don't know, that's the only thing that made sense, why was he looking for rings? Akeed yaby ya36eeha, and he wanted my opinion? Is he that clueless? Can he really not know how I feel about him?
I was lost in my thoughts going over all this with ipod blaring in my ears when I felt a tap on my shoulder,
"7amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!" I yelled and jumped into the tall tanned guy's arms immediately,
"Hhahahah Nooro! Wallah for a second I wasn't sure it was you, but when you yelled and jumped up and down like that I was certain it was crazy Noor!"
"Hahahah ya 7maar!! I missed you!"
"Ana ba3ad I missed you yalhabla, sha5bar Juju?"
"She's good, she's in the hotel, I just came down for a walk and I'll go meet up with the girls, let's do something later?"
"Yeah sure, catch up and everything"
"eee please 7amood wallah I miss you!"
Mohammed was my brother's best friend's brother, we've known each other since we were kids, and for some reason, from Grade 1 until he graduated he considered himself my official protector in school, from the day he beat up the boy who made me cry he became my go to person. Three years ago he left to go study in Boston and we kind of lost touch. I stood smiling as we exchanged phone numbers and watched him, taking in how different he looked. The teenage boy geekiness is gone and has been replaced by a rugged strong face, broad shoulders and a tall toned body.
I like what I'm seeing.
"Ha?" I said blushing, was I staring at him too hard?
"Haha wain re7ty?"
"Ha? No where I'm here"
"T3arfeen hay ilrayal ily wagef hnak?"
"Wain ay rayal" I said looking at where he was pointing, "ma achoof 7ad 7amood?"
"Embala ako hnak he's walking away, he's wearing a white tshirt and jeans over there"
I stared at where he was pointing and felt sick all of a sudden.
No way, I'm imagining things. Akeed it's because I want to see him, I want to believe that he'll come for me, but he's made his choice. 3abdallah told me he made his choice. He's in love with Meera, a9lan it was obvious, I could see it in his eyes.
"Nooro? Shfeech kela tesre7een?"
"Ha? La wala shay, la madry ma a3arfa, ma achoof wayha" I couldn't see his face, but I know those slumped shoulders, I know that head bent down with a defeated look, I love those sad eyes, I want to kiss those tense lips, he's my S3ood, deep down in my heart I know he's my S3ood.
What was he doing here? Is Meera here? Are they vacationing together?
How dare he?
"Nooro malalteeny o inty tesre7een!"
"Haha sorry, la la ma a3arfa, laish?"
"I don't know, he was walking towards us when I saw you, and then you started jumping up and down and you hugged me and he sort of stopped and just stood there o ba3dain he walked away. A secret admirer maybe?"
"Hahah 7amoood ma 3endik salfa!" I said hitting him lightly on the shoulder.
We decided to meet up later with the girls so I hugged him and walked back to the hotel
Still lost in my thoughts.
Can it really be S3ood?
Until next time..