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Mirror.. (6)

I felt my fingers quiver over the buttons as I typed in the response,
7ala: I didn’t think you cared :(
Talal: La wallah?
7ala: Yes, I kept calling you and you never answered!
Five minutes later there was still no response from him, great, now he’s ignoring me again.
I looked up from my phone, searching for him with my eyes, and sure enough, there he was sitting with his friends, smoking, completely oblivious to my existence. I was fuming, how dare he ignore me like this?
7ala: PING!!!
I saw him picking up his phone, checking my messages and then slowly putting his phone down on the table. Just as he was doing that, our eyes met and he slowly lifted an eyebrow, as if to ask me what do you want?
I can’t believe him, I really can’t. Who the hell does he think he is?
I tried to concentrate on my friends’ conversations and to enjoy myself, but seeing him just ruined my mood. I’m supposed to be the one ignoring him, not the other way round! He’s supposed to flatter me, tell me I’m pretty and try his best to see me; not look at me and lift an eyebrow!
I was supposed to meet Saif in my room after dinner to watch a movie, but I was no mood for him, Talal pissed me off. Although I did have fun earlier with Saif, maybe I should really forget about Talal and concentrate on my relationship with Saif. Yes, I think that’s what I should do, I mean he’s everything a girl would ever want, and he loves me.
7ala: I can’t wait to see you
Saif: Me neither, do you want to watch a comedy or drama?
7ala: Scary movie
Saif: You’re looking for an excuse to hug me right?
7ala: Lol, you wish :P
Talal: PING!!!
Talal: Put your phone down, it doesn’t look good.
7ala: Excuse me?
Talal: Whoever you’re talking to can wait, no need to keep your phone in your hands 24/7, I believe you’re sitting with people.
7ala: What the hell? Why are you watching me?
Talal: Because I like what I’m seeing.
And with that, my heart melts again. I have no clue how he does that.
Saif: What time are you going back to the hotel?
7ala: Umm madry, maybe 2 or 3 hours, why?
Saif: I’m out with my friends, don’t know when we’ll be done, we’ll be going for sheesha after dinner.
7ala: Oh ok, if you’re busy it’s ok, I can see you tomorrow I guess.
Saif: La 7abeeby, text me when you’re on your way back.
7ala: Ok :)
Talal: Shgelna?
7ala: I love making you jealous
Talal: Who said I’m jealous? I don’t care who you talk to.
WHAT? He didn’t say that? Nooooo he didn’t!!
I looked up to see him staring at me, and as soon as our eyes met he shrugged his shoulders, picked up his phone and cigarettes and he and his friends left the place.
That’s it, my mood was ruined, I wasn’t even looking forward to the scary movie with Saif, I hardly touched my food or joined in the conversation with my friends.
Two hours later we were on the way back to the hotel,
7ala: We’re heading back now
Saif: Ok 7abeeby, I’ll be there in 15 minutes.
7ala: Ok see you.
I reached my room and washed my face, changed into tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt, and laid down on the bed waiting for Saif to come. Exactly 10 minutes later he was softly knocking the door, I shuffled in my flip flops to the door to let him in and opened the door to find him carrying a huge bowl of popcorn and a bag of chocolates and junk food.
“I’m prepared with scary movie, junk food and wide arms to hug you at any time” he said grinning,
“Wayed m9adeg roo7ek, mafy hugging” I said giggling, and grabbing the bag of junk from him,
“You look different”
“La wallah?”
“Yes, what’s different? Other than you being extremely short that is”
“He He, funny. Testahbel Saif?”
“La wallah, why do you look different?”
“I have no make up on?”
“Oh, yeah. You still look gorgeous though”
“I know” I said sticking out my tongue at him.
“Come here” he said grabbing me and pulling me into his arms, “you’re tiny” he whispered into my hair,
“No I’m not you’re a giant! Ya3ny I can’t talk to you unless I’m standing on the table, sh’hal7aala?”
“Hahaha ok I’m sorry, maybe you would rather we lay in bed?”
“Ba3aaaaaaaad? Achoofek 5atht ra7tek wayed?”
“Hahahah ok ok I’m sorry, but it is a scary movie you know, and I give you permission to have full usage of my upper body as a pillow for you”
“Inzain benchoof” I said grabbing the DVD from his hand, “it actually does look scary” I continued, settling myself on the sofa next to him, where he casually put his arm behind my shoulder and pulled me close to him,
“You’ll need me next to you” he whispered as the movie started.
Talal: PING!!!
I put my phone on silent and threw it away from me, I won’t let him ruin this day, Saif deserves better.
“I think I need you next to me all the time” I said looking up at him.
He looked down, kissed the tip of my nose and said,
“I’ll always be here.”