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Hello, My name is.. (3)

Dear Diary,
Last night I spent 2 hours discussing "him" with Juju, we came up with the following conclusions:
1. he lives in our building, OR somewhere close by because he comes to my gym
2. he has something in common with me (we both go to the gym)
3. he definately noticed me (since I crashed into him)
Therefore, I could use all of the above to my advantage. The only question is how? I've never had a boyfriend before. No scratch that, I've never even like a boy before, weird huh? And HE is definately not a boy! He's a man, he looks much older than I am, why would he ever look at me?
So this morning I went to my class determined that when I see him he will notice me. They say that if you want something real bad and you concentrate on it, visualise it happening then it does. To be honest I never believed that crap. I'm a very practical, realistic person. But with him I'm something else. So I'm visualising. I walk into the campus and he will see me, he'll smile and walk up to me, introduce himself and tell me that he's been thinking of me all day yesterday, and seeing me at the gym made his day.
Yeah right, whatever.
So I went to class, early as usual, sat in the front and absorbed everything the professor was saying. I met a Greek girl today who's actually very nice, I see her being my study budy. Yeah, I tend to categorize my relationships like that, well she's nice and she's smart, but other than that we have nothing in common, therefore study budy. Anyway, after class I was meeting Juju and the other girls Nooreya (Kuwait) and 3aisha and Muneera (Bahrain) in selfridges for some shopping and lunch in the food court, I just love their chow mein. So I was walking out of the lecture hall with my books in my hand my eyes searching for him, imagining the "moment" when I spotted him in the courtyard.
Talking to a girl.
She was definately 5aleeji, she had that look. She was dressed in a summer dress even though it was a bit chilly, we are in London after all, I could see her goosebumps from where I was standing! Anyway, her dress was pretty and I was a bit jealous, she was a girly girl, her make up was perfect, perfect eyeliner, perfect red lips, her hair, every strand in the right place, every curl intact, her high heels. So this is the type he likes, hmm.. I was still inside staring at them talking, the girl giggling at something he said while twirling a strand of her perfect hair around a perfectly manicured finger, she's flirting, uff.. I looked at my reflection in the glass door and took in my image: my long straight hair pulled into a high pony tail away from my face, my thin frame in a cotton striped sonia rykiel dress and leggings, my golden flat tory burch sandals, my mum's vintage Chanel worn accross my body, my face make up free except for some mascara and hint of pink on my lips from mac's tinted lip balm. I looked cute. Not sexy, not beautiful and definately not attractive. I'm your average teenager. I definately cannot compete.
I left the building quickly hoping that he won't notice me, ofcourse he won't, I mean look at what he was talking to. I had to pass by them to leave the campus so I tried to walk as quickly as possible, and I heard him talking and her giggling. His voice, oh my god. He had this husky voice, the type that I love, it felt like every word he said was a whisper and yet it was clearly audible. He must be a smoker, although I hope not heavy. Oh my God! I don't even know his name and I'm obsessing about his lifestyle. I tried to hear what he was saying,
"O bas 3ad hatha ily 9ar.." he said, that's all I could hear as I quickly whizzed by. I frowned trying to place his accent, Kuwaity? Bahraini? Qatari? I can't tell, that's weird I'm usually very good at this. I saw him turn around, I think he saw me, and then I saw him say something to the girl, touch her shoulder like he was saying goodbye and starting to walk away. I couldn't watch him any longer, he'll think I'm a freak. That's if he doesn't already. So I ran out of the campus, I think he was right behind me but I wouldn't dare look back. I hailed the first cab I saw and jumped in heading to Selfridges.
I had fun with the girls there, I think we'll make a cute group, we actually have so much in common, which is great. Anyway I think I better get going, I'll go to the gym then we'll meet the girls for dinner and then yam3a in 3aisha and Muneera's flat. They're besties like me and Juju so they live together. I could never live with Juju though. I'm a neat freak and she's a complete mess, so we decided that in order for us to keep our friendship we shouldn't live together.
Anyway, will get back to you later..
Untill next time..