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Mirror.. (1)

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who’s the prettiest of them all?

Of course, I am, I know that, no need for you to reassure me, although I do like to stare into you, to the discomfort of my mother, but I don’t care, I love you mirror.

You’re asking why I’m looking exceptionally beautiful today? Why, mirror, how dare you? I look exceptionally beautiful every day!

Ok, you got me, I’m going to see him. No not him, Him. Which him do you mean? Oh God, there are so many ‘Him’s’ aren’t there? Haha, ok yeah I agree. I’m going to see Talal, my Saudi boyfriend, you know, the one I told you about? The tanned, tall one I met during the summer? Yeah, that one. He’s a hot one, I have to look extra hot for him, which shouldn’t take much effort, right?

I painted my lips with my favourite red lipstick, blotted and then painted them again to make sure that my lipstick will stay put during our rendezvous, I haven’t seen him in two months, and lately he’s been neglecting me a bit, I have to show him what he’s been missing. When I first met him he couldn’t stop staring at me, he called and texted every day, but now, well it seems like he’s cooling down, and I’m not used to this attitude, I can cool down, but him? No way, I cannot accept this.

“7ala ya kel il7ala” he told me when we first met, his voice, his accent and the way he stared at me as he smoked, all gave me a tingly feeling inside whenever I talked to him.

I sprayed myself with perfume, held the medkhan under my carefully blow dried hair and grabbed my phone on my way out, as soon as I held it in my hand it beeped announcing a new message,
“Wainik? Yallah ana mesta3jel”
Eff, I don’t like this attitude, but wait until he sees me, I’m sure it’ll change.
“Yallah 7abeeby kany 6al3a mn ilbait, 10 minutes and I’ll be there”
I stared at the screen for a few seconds waiting for a response from him, but who am I kidding? He won’t answer, he expects me to be there waiting for him. If only he wasn’t so hot.
“7ala yumma wain ray7a?” called my mum after me as I walked past her room,
“Mama gelt lech baro7 m3 Mariam my friend, you know, illy kanat ma3ay fe ilmadresa?”
“Shthakerach feha hathy? Shel6ary?”
“Umm la 3adi ya3ny ana akalemha sa3at, o mn meta t7en taby we go out fa gelt laha ok”
“Inzain yumma la tet2a5erain”
“La inshallah”
Ok that was close, I couldn’t tell her I was with any other friend because she knows them all, she’s bound to see them so I couldn’t risk it. He was here for two days and I needed lots of convincing to go on this outing, somehow I can’t wrap my mind around dating in Doha, I mean, it’s really not worth the risk. He suggested we go to a cafe that has a family section, I laughed and said we don’t have those anymore, he asked his friends, and guess what, apparently we do. He texted me the address and I headed there, my heart beating so fast, because of the ‘adventure’ I’m on, and because I actually missed him; if only he wasn’t so dry with me, or maybe that’s why I liked him?

I saw a car parked in the dark alley he asked me to meet him in, and for a split second I felt so scared I considered reversing out and heading back home, I mean what do I really know about him?

“Inzely mn ilsayara o ta3aly 3endi o inty met’3a6ya, ned5al ma3a ba3a’6 3ashan yfakroonek zojty” read the message he sent me. 7abeeby, 5ayef 3alay.

I did as he said and walked towards him, giggling as I saw him putting his hand on his heart and smiling at me,
“agdar aboosek hena?” he whispered as he took my hand and led me to the door,
“Shhh Talal, I thought you wanted them to think we’re married”
“Yeah, so?”
“Married couples don’t kiss in public”
“Haha ok,”
We entered the cafe and were led to a table in the corner,
“Neb’3a partition lo sema7t” he told the waiter, 10 seconds later it was like we were in a room on our own. He lit his cigarette and looked at me,
“Sheely ily 3ala rasek 5aleeny ashoofek” he ordered, normally I hate people telling me what to do, but the way he orders me around, is just too sexy for me to mind.
With my hands trembling I took off my shaila and let my long hair loose, allowing the aroma of the burnt 3ood to flood the space. He took a deep breath of the smell and whispered,
“Ta3aly hena janby”
“La ma yseer ifre’6 7ad chaf”
“Meen beyshoof ya habla? Why do you think I asked for the partition?”
“Madry, ok” I said as I reluctantly shuffled over to his side of the booth, as soon as I was close enough he grabbed me and crushed me against his chest, inhaling my scent deeply and whispering against my neck,
“Wa7ashteeny ya a7la 7ala”

Two hours later I was back at home, exhilarated after that date, I think I’m falling for him, yes him, the him I was just with, plus I’m sure he won’t be so cold after this date. I think I miss him already, let me call him and check on him.

Hmm.. that’s weird, no answer? Where the hell can he be?