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Hello, My name is.. (6)

Dear Diary,
Sorry I took so long to get back to you, but nothing much has happened lately. The weather is getting colder, but it's still not cold. They say it's weird this year because usually this time of the year it gets cold and it rains a lot, but so far we've been blessed with warm and clear weather and I'm not complaining.
Anyway, the day before yesterday I went to uni looking forward to seeing Ahmed, yes I know his name! I still can't believe that.. so I went in with a huge smile on my face, for some reason thinking that I'd see him as soon as I walk in, but I didn't.. walking out again the same thing happened.. and being the idiot that I am, it never occured to me that I should take his number.. shit.. so the day went Ahmedless, and I was pissed for the rest of the day.. weird how one person affects your mood huh? We went to Noureya's flat to study that day.. well I was studying they were all either sketching or playing around with beads and crystal.. and yes I AM green with envy.. I should stop by the art supply store and get some sketch books to start sketching.. it releases my stress.. and God knows I have enough to stress about!
The next day (yesterday) I said to myself that I won't keep my hopes up, most likely I won't see him today, only to walk in and find him standing right infront of me. Again with Dana. And OK I am jealous.. very jealous.. she always looks so groomed when I look.. well.. like me.. nothing special.. I mean she's wearing a sweater dress with knee high, high heeled boots, her hair curled to perfection, while I walk in with my skinny jeans, leather jacket and flat ballerinas and just feel like such a kid. I mean I love my clothes and I think I look good, but she looks so put together I can't help but feel self conscious around her!
Well anyway, I smile nonchalantly as I attempt to walk past them without stopping to say hi, pretending that I'm in a hurry, when Dana suddenly pulls me towards her with her manicured hands,
"Hiiiiiiiiiiii 7abeeebty we7ashteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeny" she screeches in my ear as she kisses me on both cheeks.
Since when do I even KNOW you 3ashan you miss me?
"Umm.. hi.." I mumble, shocked. I look at Ahmed questioning him, maybe he has an explaination for this.
"Hala Noora shlonech?" he said,
"Um.. fine but my name is Noor"
"Adry, my cousin is called Noor o ana adale3ha agooleha Noora.."
"Oh.. hehe" Way way way way galby
"Haahahhahah ya3ny ga3ed ydal3ech, laish ana ma tdale3ny Ahmed?" Shtabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen uff..
Anyway we chatted for a few minutes and Ahmed suggested that we all meet for dinner tomorrow.. so I agreed and said I'll invite my friends 3ashan kelena we meet eachother. So the date was set AND he took my number!!!! Yes, he's saved in my contacts as Ahmed Al-..... , can you believe it!! I certainly can't!!! Yay!!
Today we spent the morning doing our usual daily activity, shopping, well actually first we had brunch in la duree and then we started shopping. I love shopping with the girls, I mean imagine shopping with 4 future designers! I feel so in the loop! hehe I know what pieces to get and which ones will last me for the next seasons and how to create 'looks' it's amazing! In the middle of my shopping spree I get a message from Ahmed saying that he cannot make it today, his friend who studies out of London decided that since today was saturday he was gonna visit Ahmed. I can't explain how disappointed I was but I didn't want it to ruin my day, I'll have fun with my friends anyway. We came back home to get changed for dinner, I brought out my new outfits and started trying them all out, I finally settled on a black dress with black leggings accessorised with McQueen's black and neon pink shoes and clutch, I am 18 after all I can get away with anything hehe. Juju and I reached Scalini at 9 sharp and sat upstairs at the bar waiting for our table, I recieved a text from the girls that they are on their way and Dana walked in 5 minutes after us. 20 minutes later we were still waiting for our table AND Noureya, she was always 'fashionably late'. We were sitting and I noticed that no one was talking to Dana, she looked good as usual, but she also looked bored, I nudged 3aysha who was sitting next to me and looked at Dana,
"umm Dana mashalah I love your dress where is it from?" 3aysha is such an elegant girl, ya3ny mashallah everything she puts on looks gorgeous on her, she was wearing a simple loose grey dress cinched with a red belt and gold accessories and she looked great! Dana was wearing an off white vintage-y type of dress.
"'s vintage Chloe"
"Oh mashallah I can never find cool vintage stuff! Where do you find them?" Juju, genuinely enthusiastic about shopping as usual.
"ehhm.." fake smile from Dana.
And then Noureya walks in! Here is the highlight of my week.
"Hiiiiiiiiiii kilikum! Sorry te2a5art 3alaikum bs it was so effing crowded on the way it is un-believe-able!" hyper as usual Noureya kissed us all and then.. wait for it... yes.. here comes the bomb..
"Dana 9a7? umbaaaaai your dress 7ada eyanin.. dawart 3ala sizey fe kel ma7al o ma 7a9alt! t9adgeen I looked for it everywhere belkuwait o mako amal!! Did you get it from H&M here wela belkuwait?"
I can feel Juju shaking next to me, her face scrunched up trying to hold in her laughter. Then Muneera snorted with laughter and couldn't stop herself, so she ran to the bathroom!
Hahahah and the look on Dana's face.. PRICELESS!!!!
Enough for today..
Untill next time..