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Hello, My name is.. (17)

Dear Diary,
I went out shopping with Dana and Juju today as planned, things were going great, we were giggling at the sushi bar at Juju who was disgusted with the octopus on display in front of her, when Ahmed showed up. I swear I didn't tell him we were there! Ya3ny the look on Dana's face! And to be honest I don't blame her, for a guy who's so caring with me, he can be so insensitive with her! He walked up to us, chatted for 10 minutes and gave me a small wrapped box.. just for the sake of it he said. Ok so I love the gift, but do we really have to do PDAs infront of Dana? I should talk to him about this. The girl stopped laughing and her face lost all its colour when she saw him o uhwa salam 3alaiha so formally! Eff I don't know what to do, just as things were getting better he comes and ruins it!
Ahmed left quickly and for a few minutes things were awkward with Dana, but then I think she managed to shake it off and we went back to talking and laughing. An hour into shopping I felt Dana getting distracted, so I asked her if she was ok,
"Madry there's this guy 9arly fatra kela ashoofa"
"Where what guy?"
"That guy.." she said pointing at THE HOTTEST GUY EVER, ee ee even hotter than Ahmed! Ya3ny you know when you say the word bad boy? What do you imagine? Ok imagine the hottest bad boy you can, do you have that image in mind?
Well Dana's guy is even hotter!
Tall - check,
Broad shoulders - check,
smouldering eyes - check,
short jet black hair - check,
golden tan - check,
Pure hotness - check, check and check!
Apparently she has been seeing around a lot for the past few weeks, but he never tried to approach her and she was so into Ahmed that she didn't really care. Well now obviously the situation has changed, she might still have feelings for Ahmed, well she definately still has feelings for him, obviously people don't just fall out of love so quickly, but atleast she's now trying to get over him. So I decided that I will help her.
"Danoooo he's hot!" I whispered just in case he had super hearing powers and could hear me from where he was standing, "do something" I encouraged her.
"Do what? I might seem like the bitchy type but seriously aste7y!"
"Hahah seem like?" joked Juju nudging her in the waist,
"Hahah ya 7mara! yes yes aste7y and I'm so not a bitch"
"Well, I'm not a bitch either bs ana ma aste7y" I said walking towards him,
"Hey hey come back!" I heard Dana trying to shout with a muffled voice so he couldn't hear her, she stood there gesturing with both her hands as I got closer to him.
Ok what the hell was I thinking, so I want to help her bs mub chethy 3ad! I thought as I stood infront of him, he let go of the scarf he was looking at and turned to me lifting an eyebrow.
Shit he's hot.
Hot as in I feel a bit dizzy.
"Hi" I said smiling, hoping that I don't look as awkward as I feel.
"Hala" still with the eyebrow,
"Umm.. hi, are you a student here?"
"Yes" Ok this is really awkward, he answered with the one word and went back to the scarf.
"e77m.. hi," I stammered, he looked up at me again, clearly thinking shtaby hathy..
"Hello again" he didn't look amused.
"Hi" Ya raby 3ala HI, why the hell do I keep repeating it?
"Ahlain" uff ufff uffffff!!!
"My name is Noor and I'm a student here, those are my friends over there, and umm my friend galat ina she sees you around fa we thought that if you were a student we could umm introduce ourselves.. ya3ny you know it would be kinda nice to meet students mn ilkhaleej o chethy.. you know being fe '3orba and all.." shit shit shit what the hell was I thinking?
"You thought it would be nice ha? Sure that would be nice.." he said finally smiling to show off two rows of perfectly aligned small white teeth, he had full lips and a light stubble.. ya ALLAH I think for a minute I forgot my name.
"Umm.. cool let me introduce you to my friends" and we walked towards Juju and Dana. They were both standing frozen in the same spot, with their jaws dropped open not believing I actually did it! Personally I don't really believe it either!
"Hi, girls this is.. oh sorry ma te3araft 3alaik?" Shit I didn't even ask him what his name is!
"S3ood from Abu Dhabi, nice to meet you girls"
"Hi" they both whispered, Dana looking down at her feet and Juju staring unashamedly at S3ood, like a kid would stare at an icecream.
"Umm S3ood this is Dana from Kuwait and Jawaher from Qatar"
He smiled again, "Well girls nice to meet you all, but I have to go now, I'll see you around inshallah.."
So I said goodbye on behalf of the girls since they were still dumbfounded by his beauty.
"Oh my God Noorooo I can't believe you did that!" yelled Juju,
"Heheh I can't believe I did that either"
"He's soooooo cute.." sighed Dana,
We discussed him for the rest of the afternoon and now I'm back at home writing this. I really hope something good comes out of him, I have a good feeling, ya3ny he was looking at Dana fa inshallah something happens, she needs someone to pull her out from the Ahmed shit, also an added benefit would be that I'll feel much better.. selfish I know.. but still!
I'll go to the gym now..
Untill next time..
Oh and P.S. I LOVE my gift from Ahmed, it's a gorgeous turquoise bracelet.. my favourite stone!