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Hello, My name is.. (14)

Dear Diary,
Is it legal to be this happy?
Yesterday's date was perfect. Never in my life did I imagine that I would ever be with someone as amazing as Ahmed, he's good looking, he's charming and he's caring, the list just goes on. I sit trying to find fault in him and I just can't.
I went to uni feeling anxious today, after yesterday's date I didn't know how I would be expected to act around Ahmed, especially in uni, especially in front of Dana.
I woke up early to find a message from him:
"9aba7 il5air ya 7ilwa :)" isn't he the cutest?
I quickly replied:
"9aba7 ilnoor ya a7la :)"
"Mosta7eel ykoon feh a7la minich :*" amoot? how can I top that?
I went to take a quick shower and came back to find a missed call from him, so I dialled his number,
"Hala bkel ilnoor ily beldinya"
"Heheh bs 3ad A7maaad.."
"Testi7een 7abeebty?"
"Shrayek ya3ny?"
"La teste7een miny 7abeebty, lazem tet3awedain mn ilyoum o sayer ma anadeech ila ib 7abeebty"
"No more noora?"
"Noora o 7abeebty o galby o ba3ad 6ewayfy kilihum.. ba3ad ishtabeen?"
"Hehehe A7maaaad.."
"Ya 3yoon A7maad.. ya galb A7maad.."
"Tara ma bate9el feek mara thanya.."
"Heheh inzain 5ala9 5ala9.. ana raye7 iljam3a al7een.. amurech nro7 m3 ba3a'6?"
"Hmm.. ok yallah.."
I walked downstairs 10 minutes later to find him already waiting outside. He was wearing black jeans and a black sweater with a black leather jacket and smoking outside. Bad boy image for a perfect gentleman, a killer combination.
I walked up to him smiling,
"Hala 7abeebty.. come here" he said pulling me into his arm and breathing in deeply, "wa7ashteeny"
"Hehe you just saw me yesterday"
"Ma ashba3 minich"
"Inzain yallah let's go" he said grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the street to hail a cab.
The closer we got to uni, the more knots I felt forming in my stomache. I was winding the end of my scarf tightly around my fingers without noticing, when Ahmed slowly coaxed it away from me,
"What's wrong?"
"Hmm.. madry.. what will Dana think? I mean no matter what you guys have been friends for a long time and.." I could see his jaws tensing,
"Noora, I told you, she's not really my friend and if she wants to be she will have to accept our choices.. stop caring about what other people think and just care about us.. ok?"
"hmm ok.."
He has a point right?
We walked in together, his arm around my shoulder pulling me close to him and he was whispering in my ear when I lifted my head and saw her. The smile on her face crumpled.
I suddenly felt sorry for her. I put my self in her shoes, I imagined that I have been with this guy for 5 years or maybe more, and he only thinks of me as a friend, then all of a sudden a girl comes up and he's in love within 1 week, how would I feel?
That would be an understatement.
The look on her face was of sheer anguish.
She plastered a smile on her face quickly,
"Oh hi.. you guys came together?"
"Yes we'll always be together mn ilyoum o raye7.." he answered.
Shit that's tough. I smiled not knowing what else to do.
After 10 minutes of awkward conversation I excused myself to go to class.
I can't help but feel guilty.. I know he didn't promise her anything, but then again I am the girl that shattered her dream..
Until next time..