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Hello, My name is.. (40)

Dear Diary,
The past few days were hectic, the girls were all going back home for the summer except for Juju, her sisters will be coming to London and they'll join the rest of the family in Paris later on, so basically we were busy with the girls, shopping, going out and generally having fun.
S3ood has also rented the flat in our building, we've been helping him unpack for the past two days, and GOD is he a neat freak! No no, neat freak is an understatement, I think he has OCD. Yesterday Fa6oom and I were cleaning the kitchen, I was washing the cutlery and Fa6oom was arranging it in the drawers, he walked into the kitchen casually peeked over her shoulder and suddenly started yelling,
"What is wrong with you Fa6oom?"
"What? Me? What's wrong?"
"Ya3ny ma t3arfeen t9efeen the forks?"
Guess what? One of the forks was not facing the same direction as the rest of its buddies. Ya Allah! Also his clothes are arranged according to colour. My God I think if he saw my closet he'd have a fit!
S3ood is all settled in now, so 3abdallah will be coming tomorrow to start moving his stuff here. S3ood says that most likely they won't stay here for the whole summer, maybe just for a few weeks to set up their place and for 3abdallah to sort out his bank accounts etc. but I'm hoping that they stay longer, for obvious reasons. Fa6ma understandably is very nervous about 3abdallah's arrival, she says that akeed he won't want to talk to her and she insists that he hates her now more than he did before. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
As for me, well.. I'm looking forward to a summer with S3ood.
Until next time..