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Hello, My name is.. (53)

Dear Diary,
I dreamt of S3ood last night. I dreamt that we were together and that we were happy. I woke up with a smile, just to remember that all this was in my head.
That will never turn into reality.
Yesterday after bumping into 7amood I ran back to the hotel. As soon as I walked into the room Fa6oom walked up to me grinning,
"Ha sh9ar?"
"Sh9ar fe shino?" I said confused,
"Umm.. ya3ny your walk, how was it?"
"It was ok. You'll never guess who I bumped into!"
"Ha? Meen?" she said grinning again,
"7amoood Al-.....!!! Can you believe it! It's been 3 years since I saw him!! Oh my GOD he looks great! I told him we'll go out with him tonight"
"Bas? Ma chefty 7ad thany?"
"La, laish fe 7ad hne?" Please tell me S3ood is here, please please.
"Umm.. la ana shdarany.. I'm just asking.. ya3ny summer usually fe wayed nas n3arfhum"
"aha.. la ma cheft 7ad thany."
Could she be referring to S3ood? I don't think so. I dismissed this thought from my head and ran to Juju's room to tell her that I bumped into 7amood. I knew that she secretly had a crush on him so I was hoping that maybe something would come out of the dinner we're having together. We'll be leaving Cannes soon to go back to Paris, and from there back to London. I miss London, but I so don't miss the drama there. I hope S3ood decides to move back to AD with Meera, I can't stand seeing the two of them together, playing happy families with their baby.
Dinner was great, as I predicted Juju was all girly and blushing infront of 7amood, and he seemed to be loving it. Manoor kept nudging Juju every five minutes, just to make fun of her as she played around with the food on her plate. At the end of the night she pretended not to know how to use her Blackberry, and he volunteered to teach her, hahah that was actually cute, so they exchanged Pin numbers, again cute, my friend is playing hard to get, but 7amood is a great guy so hopefully things will work out although I don't know how they'll do the long distance thing with him being in Boston and her in London. But I guess technology makes the world a smaller place, so they do have a chance.
Well, atleast something good is coming out of this trip.
Until next time..