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Hello, My name is.. (7)

Dear Diary,
Today was Sunday and as usual I woke up late in the afternoon. Aaaah I love Sundays, you feel lazy and yet you feel warm and fluffy from the extra sleep. I woke up and squinted against the afternoon light seeping through my flimsy curtains, that's the problem with London flats, for some reason they all have white curtains, as if they expect us all to be up at the crack of dawn. Thank God that I can sleep no matter how bright the sun was shining hehe.
I woke up stretching my arms over my head and smiling, I had so much fun yesterday with the girls. After the vintage Chloe incident Dana remained quiet most of the time, and she excused herself before we ordered dessert saying that her 'friends' were waiting for her.. could she be refering to Ahmed? Anyway we were glad to see her leave, we ordered Scalini's famous tiramisu - no alcohol as they keep reassuring us, but I can't help but taste the sweet bitterness of the cake.. real coffee the bushy moustached waiter would say.. Oh well.. fe themat'hum.. after dinner we walked to Noureya's flat, trying to burn off some of the calories we ate, but who were we kidding? We went to her flat and an hour later we were fighting over all the chocolate she had.
Having slept for more than 12 hours I picked up my phone to check my messages and missed calls, Mama, Noureya, Juju and guess who else? Yes yes yes!
'Did you miss me yesterday? ;)' FROM AHMED!
Yes yes yes yes I missed him!!! I checked what time he sent the message.. great 5 minutes ago, I quickly replied
'No not really, it was a girl's night out anyway ;P'
'I'm in touch with my feminine side ;)'
I giggled as I typed:
'Are you trying to tell me something?'
'Hahahaha NO I CERTAINLY AM NOT!! Where r u now?'
'At home. You?'
'Lazy bones. I'm going for a jog in the park, you wanna join me?'
'hmm tempting.. but I promised the girls I'll meet them'
'OK, have fun :) I'll see you tomorrow'
I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day.. it felt great waking up to his message, but it also freaks me out that I'm falling for someone that I don't really know. I mean other than his name and where he's from what do I know? It's weird how someone you know nothing about can make your day, when people that you've known for ages don't seem to have an effect on you whatsoever.
The rest of the day went by uneventful, we went to a movie and then to a small chinese place next to our flat, just as I was licking the plum sauce off my fingers I lifted my head and saw him staring at me, with a huge smile on his face. Next to him was an equally hot guy. Ya rabyyyyyyyy mn wain ye6le3oon!!
He walked over to us,
"Hala wallah.. shlonech?" he said looking at me. I quickly swallowed the remaining duck filled pancake in my mouth and answered, hoping not to have any sauce on my chin as usual,
"Oh hi a7med, guys this is a7med ma3ay fe iljam3a, a7med hay Jawaher, Noureya, 3aysha and Muneera" I said pointing at my friends
"Nice to meet you all, this is my friend Fahad"
"Hala banat shlonkum?"
So after the hi's and hellos it turned out the guys were only picking up take out and heading back to Ahmed's flat. The girls teased me for the rest of the day and ALL of them wanted to know Fahad better, you know since Ahmed is already mine hehe.
Honestly he seems like a nice guy, but it scares me how quickly he makes me smile, and how much I look forward to seeing him when I don't even know him..
Allah yaster..
Until next time..


hadeel khalid said...

Nice!! :) love it!