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Mirror.. (21)

“No, no, no, no!!”
“Saro shfeech?”
“Ana illy shfeeny wela inty illy shfeech? Are you even listening to yourself? What the hell could be wrong with him? Who does he think he is? And what are you thinking, how are you willing to drop everything, drop Saif and go running to London for a guy that doesn’t give a shit about you?” she yelled at me. It was the first time she ever yells at me, I was always the impulsive passionate one and she was the steady, calm one. It scared me to see her so angry, but the fact that she was standing up to me for the first time in her life, scared me more.
So I did what I do best.
I cried.
“Saro, I need your support.” I could see her softening a bit, so I continued my quiet sobs until she came and hugged me.
I felt bad for using her love for me against her, I sometimes do feel guilty you know, but I can’t help being a selfish, spoilt kid sometimes. I mean, this was how I was brought up, so it’s not entirely my fault. Or so I would like to believe.
“7ala don’t do this to Saif” she whispered,
“Ma sema3ty 9otah, he sounded desperate”
“Inzain o itha maree’6, what could you do? Ya3ny you being there won’t make a difference!”
“Ee bs I’ll be there to support him, he’s only going to run a few tests, if things turn out ok I will come back. Please Saro, I’ll hate myself if I don’t go and something happens to him”
“Madry 7ala, ma arta7 lah. There’s just something weird about him”
“But you’ve never met him! Bel3aks he’s charming. Plus, we’re only friends, this won’t affect my relationship with Saif. Wallah it won’t. Wallah a7ebah I would never do anything to hurt him, not after I nearly lost him.”
“Then don’t go”
“Madry Saro, a7es I owe it to him. Bas benro7 one week, please, please, please say you’ll come?”
“Ok, I’ll come” she said reluctantly.