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Hello, My name is.. (29)

Dear Diary,
We're leaving to Doha tomorrow, Juju, Fa6oom and I are taking the night flight back. Dana and Nooreya already left to Kuwait yesterday and 3aisha and Muneera will be going back to Bahrain in two days time. I cried so much last night I'm really going to miss my friends.
I haven't seen S3ood since the dinner fiasco a few days ago, Fa6ma came back late and I could tell that she had fun, so she's been going out with S3ood everyday since. She tried to take me with her a few times but I refused. I felt so humiliated the other day, it was obvious that he didn't want me there. What if he has feelings for Fa6oom? I tried to push that thought away as much as possible but it keeps coming back. He's constantly on the phone with her, or they're going out somewhere.
Maybe I'm being paranoid right?
Is this jealousy?
I don't know, I mean they're old friends so it makes sense that they're going out a lot. Also I've noticed that Fa6ma started day dreaming a lot, and two days ago I walked in on her and she was crying, for no apparent reason, when I asked her she said it was nothing she was just watching something on TV. I feel bad, ya3ny I wish I could do something for Fa6ma but I don't know what to do.
Until next time.. in Doha!