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What if.. (5)

Bandar sat in the board room lost in his thoughts, playing around with his pen..
"Sir" the marketing manager looked at his boss, "Sir, excuse me"
Bandar was sitting in the room but his thoughts took him to the day he met Hind.
8 years ago.. London
"Bandar pleaaaaase I really want you to meet my friends" said Maha
"Galolek ana fa'6eeelek inty o your friends.. yallah.. yallah" said Bandar, playfully throwing a pillow at his sister.
"Come oooooooooooon.. wallah they're nice.."
Hind calling
"Mahooy we're downstairs and it's freezing.. get your ass down here ASAP!"
"La la ta3alo fog ba3arefkum 3ala Bandar my brother"
"La Maha yallah bente2a5ar 3ala ilmovie.. yallaaaaaaaaah"
"Just for a sec please please"
"Ufff tara mb 3ashanech bs la2ana I'm freezing and can't stay down here any longer"
"Hahah 6ayeb yallah I'm waiting"
A few minutes later the doorbell rang..
"Bandar please open the door"
"7aaaa'6er ya i5ty il3azeeza"
Bandar walked to the door and looked through the peephole out of habit.. and that was how he fell in love..
"Sir... sir"
"Oh sorry.."
"Sorry sir but we would like your opinion on the new campaign..?"
"Ummm.. yes yes ofcourse"
Maha Calling
"Hi Mahooya!!! I missss u!!"
"I miss you too Sarooo..."
"How's the pregnancy going? How long until Prince 6alal comes?"
"Hahah soon I hope.. I was ready a month ago.. I'm pissed all day long.. Ya Allah I can't control my temper anymore!"
"That's funny, I never recall you controlling your temper before"
"Hahah.. speaking of being pissed.. I'm pissed at Hanood.. she should be thankful that I'm 9 months pregnant and can't travel because if I could I'd come kick her in the head.. What the hell is she doing to my brother?"
"Mahoooy.. she doesn't know he has feelings for her"
"Because she has her head up her ass!! Or she's blind.. but since I'm pregnant and hormonal I like the ass theory better" Maha paused, thinking for a second, "the thing is.. I hate seeing her so sad, she looks tired all the time and she pretends to be happy but sometimes, you look at her and she seems so lost.. and then I look at my brother and the look he has on his face when he's watching her kills me.." Sara listened quietly while Maha continued "You know what she tried to do last time she came to see me in Riyadh? She tried to convince my mum inha te56eb bint 5aalty leBandar!!!"
"WHAT?!" yelled Sara, "You're kidding!?!"
"No I wish I was.. il7amdellah ina Mama knows that Bandar is in love with this mad mad friend of mine and just kept shutting her up by saying inshallah inshallah itha feh na9eeb!"
"Wallah ma a3arf shagoolech Maha..."
"Latgooleely ana.. talk to her.."
"I can't.."
"I know.. anyway.. tell me about YOU? Shlon ilfiance..?"
"Wallah tamam..."
And so the girls continued their conversation while at the back of their minds they kept thinking of their best friend.