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Mirror.. (16)

I sat comfortably on his lap as he hugged me and held my hand, tracing the lines on my palm with his finger,
“I missed you” he whispered, taking in a deep breath and smelling my hair, “I missed everything about you”
“Me too” I said turning around and smiling, a real smile for the first time in a very long time. I wished I can close my eyes and freeze this moment, just as it is, just me and him in this small room together, and not think about anything else around us. The world was just this room, and life was only this moment.
“What have you been doing without me?”
I hesitated for a moment before I answered his questions, I wanted to start this the right way, no more lies, I was going to be honest.
“Umm.. remember that guy I told you about?” I felt his back stiffen as he heard those words, a small frown forming on his smooth forehead. He looked amazing, all I wanted to do was kiss him and stare at him.
“What guy?”
“You know, illy 5e6abny?”
“Yes” he said, his grasp tightening on my hand. I put my other hand on his and slowly eased his hand open,
“Umm well, I said no” and he let out a small breath, “but” I paused looking at his reaction, “I have been talking to him for the past month, to get to know him” I continued, watching his blank expression and his flared nostrils. I could tell he was furious, but he couldn’t say anything since he was also engaged a month ago, “Saif?”
“Say something?”
“What are you planning on doing?”
“I don’t know” I said, shrugging my shoulders, and I really didn’t, “what do you expect me to do?”
“Seriously? So you broke up with your fiancée, what now?”
“I get a new one”
I felt like my heart was going to stop, life is so weird, an hour ago I was expecting a proposal from someone and I get it from someone else.
“Is this the best you can do?” I said, pretending to be mad at him when all I wanted was to yell ‘Yes’ and kiss him.
“Hahah la but you didn’t give me a chance, you caught me off guard with this guy, but 7ala seriously, you end this tonight, you know I’m the jealous type, I can’t bear the thought of you with someone else. All this time I was away all I could think about was how stupid I was for letting you go and for pushing you into someone else’s arms.”
“I only want your arms” I said, hugging him again and kissing his forehead, “so tell me, what happened with the fiancée? Is she pretty? Is she prettier than me? Tell me she was fat”
“Hahaha she wasn’t fat, yes she was pretty but no one is prettier than you. Nothing happened, she was my cousin but I didn’t really know her, it was a family thing. We talked a few times on the phone, but I wasn’t interested and I had a weird feeling about her, she was too quiet. Last week I called her and told her I wanted to see her, I couldn’t do it any longer, it was unfair to both of us, so I had to end it face to face. I explained to her that I was in love with you,”
“Ohhh you did that for me?” I could feel my eyes filling up with tears again, happy tears, I was happy because I knew that the man I loved loved me too.
“Would you let me finish?” he laughed, “yes of course, you know I love you, I would do anything for you, but anyway, I told her what happened between us, and she started crying, it turned out that she was in love with someone else, but her parents refused because they couldn’t say no to my parents.”
“That’s sad. Miskeena. Te5ayal you never said anything and you two ended up being married, you would’ve both been miserable”
“We were, so we decided to tell our parents together, we put them in a room the next day and explained everything, needless to say there was a lot of yelling, but in the end I think they just want us to be happy, imagine that all this could’ve been avoided if my father and uncle actually talked to each other, kel wa7ed fehum kan meste7y ygool la 7ag ilthany, and we were the ones suffering”
“I’m glad she’s in love with someone else. I would’ve been sad if she was in love with you.”
“I’m glad you’ll finally be mine.”