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Mirror.. (7)

I fell asleep in Saif’s arms yesterday; I don’t know if it was the bed, or the fact that he tucked me in last night, but I woke up feeling energised with a wide smile on my face. As soon as I opened my eyes I picked up my phone to read a message from him,
Saif: Good morning sleeping beauty :*
7ala: Good morning my prince
Saif: Am I really?
7ala: Of course you are
Saif: I love you
7ala: Me too
Saif: Breakfast?
7ala: Yes please :)
Saif: Ok, I’ll be there in 10 minutes, order us breakfast 3ala ma ayeech
7ala: Ok what do you want?
Saif: Kelshy mn eedech 3asal
7ala: Wa3 that sounds so gay Saif
Saif: Hahaha ok ok, just order the breakfast I’m coming
I dialled room service and ordered breakfast for the two of us and ran to the bathroom to wash my face and attempt to de-puff my eyes before he comes. 10 minutes later he was at the door, looking as hot as ever in shorts and a t-shirt, his hair still wet from the shower. I don’t know if it was the combined smell of shampoo, aftershave and cigarettes, or the stubble growing oh so sexily on his face, but I suddenly had the urge to jump into his arms and kiss him. Instead I pinched myself to stop from doing that and quickly gave him my back to walk back into the room.
“9ba7 il5air 7abeeby, don’t I get a good morning kiss?”
“No you don’t”
“Not even a hug?”
“Hmm.. I’ll think about it”
Somehow a second later I was in his arms,
“Men bey5aleech tfakreen?” he whispered as he crushed me against his chest, I pretended that I didn’t want this, but I was hoping that he would hug me, I loved the feeling I got when he held me, I just felt so safe between his arms.
“Ya 3yoona?”
“Don’t ever let go of me” I whispered back,
“I promise” he said kissing my head.
We spent the next two hours just watching TV and talking, I loved the time I spent with him, it just felt so normal, like this is how it was meant to be, suddenly for the first time in my life I thought about settling down, I started thinking that, yes, I could spend the rest of my life just like this, between his arms, being protected, being with Saif.
Today was my friend’s wedding, so after breakfast the rest of the day was spent in a whirlwind, between hair and make up and then rushing down to the wedding. Needless to say everything was impeccable, the bride looked absolutely gorgeous and the groom was handsome, we danced, we laughed, we cried a bit, but everything was just happy and beautiful.
“Ilfal lech 7abeebty” whispered the bride into my ear as we were wishing her goodnight at her suite; my mind immediately drifted to Saif.
7ala: I love you
Saif: I love you too
I went to bed feeling the same way I felt when I woke up this morning, content and safe, with a huge smile on my face.