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What if.. (End)

Hind left her office with a huge smile on her face, she was meeting Sara in Villagio where they will be shopping for their sudden trip to London.
2 hours later with arms heavy with bags, the girls walked into Le Notre for a quick snack,

"Saro ya3ny I really want to see Bandar bs a7es weird iny aroo7 lah London.."

"Laaaish ya 7maaaara bel3aaaaaaaaaaks.. wayed sexy ina you show up at his doorstep.. o uhwa beykoon labes short.. hmmm.."

"Sarooo ya 7mara!! lazem t3arseeen bser3aa wallah 9ert a5af 3alaaaich!!"

"hahahah shfeeech.. ga3da ashaj3ech 3ala ilsefar!"

"heheh inzain o lama nkoon fe il6ayara.. akeed he'll call me during those 7 hours.. shagool lah?"

"choofy.. let's book the late night flight.. ykoon you tell him you're tired o betnameeen.. gooleela chethy o i7na fe ilma6ar.. o switch off your phone.. 7ata law kalemach lain we9alna before you reach ma bey3arf la2ana ranat London nafs ildo7a.."

"Hmm.. yeah I guess.."

"Wallah I'm so smart! heheh"

"heheheh ee that's why I love u!"

The next day the girls were at the airport as planned, they were both sitting in the lounge waiting for their flight. Hind was fiddling with Bandar's flat keys.. which reached Doha early that morning.

"eee sh3alaich.. betchoofeen il7abeeb.. mb ana 7asra 3alay.. raye7 ly yadres fe a5er ildinya"

"heheh la7oool bedaina bel7asad..." said Hind as she picked up her ringing phone.
Bandar Calling
"Alooo 7abeeeby"

"Hala galby.. kaifek?"


"Wa7ashteeni.." he whispered

"Heheh inta akthar.. I'm sooooo tired.." she said faking a yawn,

"La? it's still early.."

"hehe early 3endik.. ana mdawma ilyoum mn il9eb7.."

"Oh yeah I forgot.."

"Inzain 7abeeby ana baro7 anam o bakalmek il9eb7.."

"Ok ya galby te9be7een 3ala 5air"

"O int mn ahlah 7abeeby.. love you"

"ana akthar.." he said hanging up.
Sara tugged at her friend's sleeve,

"Yallah yallah Hanood mn mesa3a hathy ilair hostess ily ihya waitress fe il9ij bs mfakra roo7ha shay ga3da t6ale3ny o wed'ha tekfa5na la'ana mn mesa3a ilmafro'6 nkoon on the flight!"

"Hehehe inzain yallah.."

7 Hours later.. London

The girls were both grinning as they left the terminal in Heathrow, pulling their heavy suitcases towards the taxi parking.

"'Morning love.. where to?" said the cabbie smiling,

"aaaaaah this is why I love London" said Sara grinning back at him,

"hahah go on then, hop in" chuckled the driver as he dragged their suitcases in the cab.

Hind opened the cab window and let the cold air hit her face as they drove accross the city towards their hotel..

"Hanood Allah y'3arbelech BARD!! I know it's supposed to be spring and all.. but it's freezing!"

"hehhe Saro you know I love this weather.. the perfect London weather.. sunny and cold.. everything feels so fresh!"

"Hmmm.. I miss London.."

"Yeah.. ana ba3ad.. bs it'll never be the same.."


The girls both sat in the cab remembering the years they spent in London together, the tears.. the laughter.. the late night studying.. or lack of studying..

They reached their hotel an hour later, deciding that since it's still early they'll take a nap and then Sara will go shopping and Hind will prepare her surprise for Bandar.

Hind was unpacking her clothes when her phone vibrated,
Bandar Calling
'3areeba he never calls this early..
"9baa7 il5air 7abeeby.. shemgawmek mn il9eb7.."

"Wa7ashteeny.. I wanted to hear your voice..." he sounds so sexy she thought to herself,

"Hmm.. int ba3ad wa7ashtny.."

"Where are you?" he asked,

"Ummm.. fe ilmaktab.. why? aq9ed wain bakoon ya3ny?" she asked nervously,

"La bes it's so quiet 3endik.. I thought you were at home"

"Ha? la I was working on something important fa I closed my office door 3ashan I concentrate.."

"hmm.. ok..6ayeb I have to go to the office, I'll probably be working until late.. I'll call you when I'm done.."

"Oh meta terja3 ilbait?" she asked quickly, wanting to know how much time she had left for her surprise.

"umm.. around 6 I think, why?"

"La ya3ny 3ashan akalmek.."

"oh ok.. la don't worry I'll call you.."

"Ok 7abeeby love you"

"me too.."

she hung up the phone.. ashwa.. that gives me a few hours to sleep, freshen up and get everything ready.

Five hours later Hind was walking towards Bandar's flat carrying her handbag and 2 shopping bags on her shoulder and balancing a box of hummingbird cupcakes and flowers in her hands, she carefully opened the flat door and peeked inside.. as usual, Bandar the neat freak had everything in its place.. she tiptoed inside and switched on the lights walking into Bandar's town house. She always loved the design of his house, the wide entrance, leading into the big kitchen and living room, the two huge bedrooms upstairs.. since this was Bandar's personal flat the furniture was very masculine, and yet very homey. She smiled as she set the things down on the kitched counter and started her work.
Two hours after that she was done and she decided to send Bandar a text message,
Wainik 7abeeby? she typed into her phone, and waited a few seconds for his answer.
Ana fe ilbait.. what are you doing? he answered
"WHAT?! Fe ilbait?!" she yelled at her phone as if she was expecting it to answer,
Shga3ed tsawy? She typed furiously
Nothing.. watching TV.. he replied
How come you're not answering the flat phone? she asked
Ma sme3ta.. what's the problem? I told you I'm at home

Ohhh my God I can't believe this is happening.. she thought.. why is he lying to me? Akeed fe shay.. I knew ina halsafra ma bet3ady 3ala 5air.. Hind could feel the tears rushing to her eyes, her heart felt like it was being ripped into 100 pieces..

tick tick
She heard something.. she looked around but saw nothing..
tick tick

she heard the noise again.. what the hell was that.. hay wagta?
then she saw him..
He was standing by the window, holding his phone and laughing his head off..

"Ana araweeh..! ga3ed ye'67ak 3alay ba3ad!" She was so mad at him for being so childish and yet she was relieved.

"7abeeeeeebty.." he said as he came through the flat door, walking towards her still laughing

"wa5er 3anny.. I don't want to talk to you!!"

"7abeeebty 7abeebty let me explain.. come sit next to me" he said pulling her to the sofa still laughing..

"Maby maby a3arf.. sh'hal7arakaat!!"

"hahahah I just wanted to see the expression on your face.. sorry 7abeebty.. bs I saw Saro fe selfridges an hour ago.. ana kint raye7 ilfood court ajeebly yo sushi.. I saw her and I thought I was going crazy, so I came back home and saw you rushing around the Kitchen through the window.. ma 7abait a5areb your surprise.."
oh.. nesait ina the kitchen is on the ground floor and you can see everything mn ilshare3.. she thought to herself
"So.. I went to sumosan and got your favourite sushi and desert.. o ba3dain ya3ny I wanted to make you laugh with the whole I'm in the house story..yallah 3ad.. la tez3leeen 7abeebty.." he said.. STILL laughing..

"That's so not funny.. you have no idea how I felt.." she replied with tears in her eyes, "kint bamoot"

"Shh.. don't say that 7abeebty I'm so sorry I didn't think.. you know how guys have a stupid sense of humour sometimes.. wallah I'm sorry.. I love you.."

"Maby.. go away.."

"Yallah 3ad 7abeebty" he said pulling her into his arms.
Half an hour later Bandar and Hind were sitting at the table that Hind had set earlier with the flowers and special cutlery that she bought..

"So tell me.. how did you think of surprising me here? Not that I'm not loving the surprise.. I was actually planning to surprise you myself bs sebagteeny.."

"It was actually Maha's idea.. I have something to tell you.."

"What is it?" he said kissing her hand

"I decided that I'll move to Riyadh to be with you.."

He looked at her with so much love she felt like her heart would burst from happiness

"I love you Hind.."

"I love you too.."
Six months later.. Doha..
Hind was staring at the reflection in the mirror, she couldn't believe this was her.. dressed in the beautiful off-white dress she had made for her wedding, finally marrying the man of her dreams..
Her eyes started to fill up with tears as Maha and Sara walked in telling her it was time to go down..
It was her wedding..
Bandar will be coming later..
She felt herself walking out of the hotel suite and into the lift as if in a dream..
Her friends giggling behind her..
She walked into the hall slowly.. stopping every few seconds so people can have a better look at her.. she could feel her body trembling and was praying that no one can see that.. she could see her mother in a corner crying but with a smile on her face.. her sisters running ordering waitresses around.. 3abdelmejeed singing her zafa in the background, but she couldn't make out what he was saying.. after what felt like an eternity she was finally in her seat.
An hour later they announced that the men were coming.. Bandar was coming..
She felt a threatening panic attack.. shit am I ready for this? But then she saw his beautiful face as he walked in with his brothers, her brother and the men in their families.. how he was smiling.. he was walking towards her.. now they start a life.. they start it together.. she stood up as they got closer, her mother covering her shoulders with her veil.. he came up to her, kissed her forehead adn whispered..

"Mabrook ya galby.. you've made me the happiest person on earth.."

"I love you.." she replied,

"I have a surprise for you.."

"oooh I love surprises.." she said, this time meaning it, every surprise she's had from him had been perfect.

"hahah no you don't.. but I love them.."

"and I love you"

"Ok shhhh and listen"
She heard 3abdelmejeed say something in the mic, and then he said:

"Hathy ilu'3neya ihdaa2 mn il3arees lel3aroos.. o inshallah te3jebek ilmofaja'a"
The music started slowly.. wait I know this song.. she told herself..

ya laila dana... she started humming to the music.. she frowned.. this is not 3abdelmejeed's song..
Te9adeg wala a7lef lak.. 3ejezt belsaany aw9eflek.. na3eem il7ub fe wa9lak.. o inta kareem mn a9lak.. o shoof galby 3ala yaddy o huwa a'3la ma 3endi.. o teb'3a zyada fe 7ubak.. ajeeb lak galb thany mnain..

She could feel the tears.. she has to stop them..
Yegoolo gloobahum thabat... mn ilaahaat.. o i7na w3ooodana 6abat.. 3ala il'anaat.. fe donya '3air donyat'hum jadeeda o jannah 3adat'hum.. be7ub o 7anan.. lega o amaan.. ya a7la.. ma na'6ar insaaan.. o teb'3a zyada fe 7obak.. ajeeblek galb thany mnain..

"I love you.."

"I love you too.." he replied.


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Is that the end?

Anonymous said...

Amazing story!!!!! Loved it so much keep up ur amazing work xx