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What if.. (29)

Hind put the phone down slowly, she could feel the muscles in her shoulders tensing.
"Na3am?" she said lifting an eyebrow as he walked in confindently and sat on the chair opposite her desk.
"Is this how you talk to your fiance?" he smiled.
"No it's not.." she said.. shda5ela fe my fiance?
"So.. meta nzoor ilwaled?"
"Na3am? O inta mn tkoon 3ashan tzoor ilwaled?" she said through her teeth, what's his problem she thought. She could see the frown on his face, he was confused... confused because of what? didn't he just hear her talking to her boss and telling him she was getting married? Oooooohh so that's it.. he thought she was marrying him.. that's so funny.
"Hind.. what's wrong? You saw my email.. I know it's not the right way to propose bs ya3ny I assume you..."
"You assume wrong! How DARE YOU walk into my office and sit infront of me ASSUMING that I'm quitting my job and leaving my country for AN EMAIL PROPOSAL!? How dare you assume that I was waiting for you for the past 8 years? How dare you walk into my life now and ASSUME that I will marry you? I wouldn't marry you if you were the last man on earth.. I would rather die alone.. no I would rather KILL myself than be in the same room as you.. let alone marry you! you disgust me.. you're a pathetic, arrogant person!" She was so angry she could feel the tears stinging her eyes but she promised herself she won't cry infront of him.
"But you were just telling.."
"I was telling him I'm getting married.. because I am.. did you hear him congradulate you? because I definately didn't!"
Sultan felt his dreams collapsing around him, this can't be happening.. now that he finally decided to be with her she has the nerve to say no? and not only is she saying no.. she's getting married.. to someone else?
"Then who..?" he mumbled,
"Someone that you will never be like.. you were always jealous of him weren't you? I remember everytime you saw Bandar you would pick a fight with me.. it makes sense now.. because you were threatened.."
"ME? Threatened by him? I am Dr. Sultan Al...."
"So? Where would you be without your wife's money? Does she know you're here? Be careful she might cut off your allowance" she said giggling, the situation was too funny now, he was shaking in his seat.. confused, embarresed and angry.
"Hind inty gad halkalam ily tgolena?"
"6ab3aaan.. shbetsaweely ya3ny? I feel sorry for your poor wife.. her daddy bought her le3ba 5arbana..."
"HIND!! ana ma asma7...." he said getting up from his seat and putting both hands on her desk leaning closer towards her.
"I6la3 bara.." she answered calmly pointing at the door, "i6la3 bara wela I'll call the security ye7thefoonek 3end ilbab"
Sultan quickly stumbled towards the door,
"Ma ra7 ansalech halkalam ya Hind.. you'll see what I can do.."
"Shbetsawy ya3ny? Yallah injili3 you wasted enough of my time!"
Sultan left the room fuming..
"Shlon tetjara tkalemny chethy?" he whispered to himself.. he threatened her as he left.. but she was right.. what the hell can he do?
Hind felt a weight fall off her shoulders, that email was bothering her. In some way she was glad that Sultan came today.. it made her face this problem and solve it quickly.. now she only has Bandar to look forward to.
Smiling she picked up her phone and conference called the girls..
"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I miss you guuuuuuuuuuuys already!" screamed Maha,
"We miss you too wallah.."
"Well guess what.. I'll be moving to Riyadh!"
"Oooooh I'm so happy wallah.. you'll be my neighbour.. o Saro will be all alone in Kuwait hahaha"
"Ya 7maaaaara! You better come visit every weekend!"
"Hehehe ee akeed we will Bandar promised beywadeeny kel mokan abeeh"
"Did you tell him?" asked Maha
"La not yet.. I'll call him ba3dain it's too early in London now.."
"Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa don't call! I have a better idea!"
"What?" asked Sara.
"Roooooo7y London!"
After an hour of discussing this, the girls decided that since her parents still don't know she quit her job, she'll tell them she's going for a sudden meeting in London. Meanwhile, Maha will DHL Bandar's flat keys to Doha so Hind can go surprise him in his flat.
"Mahoooy you know I don't like surprises.." Hind said, not entirely convinced with her friends' devious plan.
"Hindoo it's perfect! ana bagool that since you're going ana ba3ad baro7 3ashan ajahez.. ya3ny you won't be alone!" said Sara encouraging her friend.
"Madry.. ok I guess.."
"Yaay we're going to London!"