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What if.. (28)

Hind folded her prayer mat as she read ayat ilkursy after she finished from 9alat ileste5ara.. she put the mat on the sofa and headed to her bed, putting her head on the soft pillow and drifting instantaneously into a deep sleep.
She woke up the next morning with a smile on her face, picked up her phone and sent a message to Sara:
9aba7 il5air ya 7ilwa.. I made up my mind :)
She got dressed carefully, got into her car and drove to work.. reaching on time for the first time in her life..
Sultan looked at his reflection in the mirror before he got out of his rented Range Rover. Satisfied with the outcome of yesterday's facial in Dubai, he thought he looked great. He slowly stepped out of the car, making sure his kandoora did not get wrinkled from the seat belt, he walked towards Hind's office building with a huge smile on his face.
He felt his heart beating faster as he got closer to her office, once he reached he knocked on the open door and peeked through.. she was not there. He could see her handbag on the desk, so she must've come this morning, he thought.. maybe she's in a meeting. The thought of her not being in the office did not occur to him before. He frowned thinking of her.. what if he missed her? Oh well.. he'll go to her boss and pretend he was here on business.
As he approached her boss's office he could hear her giggling through the door,
"heheheh thank you, I knew you would understand.." he heard her say.
He knocked the door and pushed it open.
Her boss was standing up and shaking her hand and she looked at him with the biggest smile on her face..
She's smiling.. for me.. thought Sultan.
"Ohhh Dr. Sultan, welcome to Doha! I didn't know you would be coming" said Hind's boss smiling, "come in come in" he continued.
"I was in Doha for a family thing and thought I would come and get an update on the work you have been doing.."
"Well I'm glad you can join us for this happy occasion, Miss Hind will be getting married soon! Although we are happy for her we will be sad to see her go.. she just handed her resignation letter, so unfortunately, we will have to assign someone else to take care of your project."
She'll say yes.. she'll say yes! I can't believe it! he thought, Sultan was sitting there with a dumb grin on his face, staring at Hind and she couldn't help giggling at his stupid face.
"Excuse me.." she whispered and left the room.
Hehe mista7ya.. he thought
Sultan stayed with her boss for another 20 minutes, listening to him talking about strategies and plans when all the time he was thinking of Hind. After he finished the lecture, Sultan excused himself and headed to Hind's office, he could hear her loud voice coming through the door,
"Sarooooooooooo Wallaaaaaaaah il'3a6eeem lo itchofeeen wayha! hahahah OH MY GOD kint bamooot ya3ny I was shaking bs maska roo7y '3a9eb"
Just then she heard a knock on her door, she lifted her head to see Sultan peeking through the door.
"Saro ba7acheech 3ogob.." she said in a low voice, her smile fading, and hung up the phone.