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What if.. (27)

Hind lay on her bed and re-read the email from Sultan for the fifth time.
I want you to be my wife..
She read.. and then..
you will be my love.. my queen.. just say yes.. and I promise that I will make up for all the lost years..
Hind could feel the tears stinging her eyes.. after all those years she had got used to those tears.. he made her cry like no one else ever did.. but this time the tears were different.. she no longer longed for him.. nor did she wish she could see him.. years ago her tears were tears of longing.. love.. sorrow and regret.. this time they were tears of anger.
She sat on her bed reading the email, clenching her jaw with tears streaming down her face..
"How dare you?" she whispered through her teeth, "I can't believe he could be so arrogant!"
She hit forward and sent the email to Sara, she can't send it to Maha she thought.. it would be too sensitive. She called Sara,
"Saro check your email."
"Metfar'3a Hanood I'm tired o bacher warana dawam"
"Please check it.."
"Ok ok 9ebry.. I'm logging on.."
2 minutes later..
"Shit.. 9ij 7ayawan! Shbetsaween?"
"I don't know but I'm SO PISSED OFF! Ya raby who the hell does he think he is?"
"Inty 3a6aiteeh akbar min 7ajmah Hind.. You made him feel like he was all your life, he went on with his life and you stopped yours for him.." she said quietly.
"La it's the truth.. whether you like it or not.. il7imdilla ina you no longer feel like that anymore.. bs Hind he had so much control over you, it was unbelievable. We all saw it 7ata lama kinto m3 ba3a'6, bs ma kint ngool shay la2ana kan y7ebech o inty t7ebeena.. you're having a tough time now deciding whether or not you should move to Riyadh with Bandar when a few years back you were more than willing to move with Sultan.."
"hmm.. Saro that's not true.."
"It is and you know it.. shbetsaween al7een?"
"Madry.. bs qaherny.. 5a6ry I slap him.."
"Forget about him ignore him 5al ywaly.. think of Bandar.. and please make up your mind.. 5ala9 Hind he's waited enough.."
"I know.. ok 5ala9.. I'll talk to you later.."
"Ok... please just delete the email and go to sleep.. he doesn't deserve 7ata inich teqhereen roo7ech 3alaih"
"I know.." she whispered.. "yallah good night.."
"good night"
She hung up and stared at her laptop for another 10 minutes. She then hesitantly moved her hand and clicked DELETE.