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What if.. (26)

The next day the girls were both with Maha at the hospital. Hind sat on the bed next to Maha,
"I need to talk to you about something." she said looking at her two best friends "As you know Bandar and I will be getting married soon" she continued with a huge smile,
"EEE a5eeeran!" replied Sara,
"heheh.. anyway.. Bandar wants me to move to Riyadh.."
"Yeah.. obviously.." said Sara frowning, "ilmara tel7ag rayelha.."
"ee bs it's not an easy decision.. fa we discussed it.. o he made valid points, ina Maha is here.. o inty betroo7een ilKuwait jereeb.. o my parents kela msafreen.. bs madry I just find it difficult to imagine ina 5ala9 I will no longer be living in Doha.. ya3ny studying in London was different.. we always knew ina maradna benerja3 ildo7a.. halmara it just seems so final! madry wallah.."
"Shoofy Hind, Bandar loves you o family is very important to him so he will never expect you to give up your family.." said Maha hugging her friend.
"I know.. that's what he said.. bs madry ya3ny I am convinced, but a part of me feels reluctant"
"Hanood 3adi tara.. I felt the same with Mohammed, bs I know ina I have to move.. ya3ny mafy rayyal yel7ag mara.. madry it just makes more sense.."
"eee bs ya3ny sometimes you need your mother you need your sisters.. madry madry I'm so confused.."
"I'm your sister" said Maha kissing her friend,
"I know 7abeebty.."
"Choofy 9aly iste5ara.. bs ana agool lech it makes more sense ina you move to Riyadh.. o ba3dain ta3alo.. I'm feeling jealous now... into ilthentain hne o ana fe ilkuwait broo7y!!"
"Heheheh ma7ad gal lech tetwale3ain fe Mohammed mn awal na'6ra.." laughed Hind,
"Tlooomoony? Jameel 7abeeby... heheheh.. bs ya3ny seriously.. I'm jealous.. bs it's too late now.. I'm taken.."
"Yallah.. tara my cousin is still interested Saro.." said Maha giggling,
"Hehehe la a7eb 7amoodi.."

Hind felt better after talking to her friends, she still didn't make up her mind but she started accepting the idea of moving to Riyadh more. Hind and Sara stayed with Maha until they were kicked out by the nurses, they were leaving back to Doha the next day as they had to go back to work and wanted to stay with their friend as much as possible.
Bandar waited patiently as the girls said their goodbyes to Maha and all three were crying because they'll be missing their friend. Maha was now back at home with baby Talal, her husband came the day before and brought his sister with him to apologize to his wife, so the girls felt better leaving Maha now that she was ok with her husband.
"Yallah 7abeebty warakum 6ayara.." he said tugging her from her abaya,
"Ok ok yallah we're coming.." she said sniffing and wiping her eyes.
"Yallah 7abeebty.. I'll drop you off ba3dain arja3 3ashan I pack and leave to London.. awal ma aw9al I'll call you.."
"Ok 7abeeby.. I'll miss you.."
"I'll miss you too.."
Hind reached Doha with a heavy feeling in her heart, "I really miss Bandar"
she said to Sara on their way out of the airport,
"akeed you miss him 7abeebty.. bs tara ma 3endich salfa ina you don't want to move to Riyadh"
"Madry Saro.. ya3ny it's so weird.."
"La it's not.. you love him o he loves you.. does it really matter where you live?"
"Ya3ny now that you put it this way.. la not really.."
"5ala9 3ayal.. 9aly iste5ara.. and then call him and tell him.."
"What about my job?"
"Ohhh Hindo.. mn 9ijich? You hate your job, you're over worked and underpaid o you're not doing something that challenges you 7ata.. it's just a job.. not a career.. quit.. God only knows you should've done it a long time ago! They don't deserve you!"
"You think? I'l think about it today o bachoof bacher il9eb7.."
"Ok 7abeebty.. yallah ako we9alna.. I'll call you tomorrow.." said Sara kissing her friend,
"Yallah bye"
10 minutes later Hind was in her room with her laptop on the bed checking her personal email, she opened her inbox and scanned through her new emails, netaporter, Saks, neimanmarcus.. as usual she thought smiling.. and then she saw it
Sultan Al-..................
"Ohhhhhhhhhh shit.." she whispered to herself.